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Xanax vs Valium

Are you a person that suffers from severe anxiety? If you do then you know how crippling the condition can be. When you have anxiety problems it becomes difficult to do even the simplest things. Speaking to someone can become a challenge or going to an appointment you might have. Are you someone who suffers from some sort of serious pain problem? Maybe this can be the source of your anxiety. Pain problems can make life miserable and it can limit what you can do from day to day.


There are two primary medications out there designed to help people who have these conditions. The first is very well known, Xanax. It made to treat severe to moderate anxiety problems effectively. Then you have Valium for those who have serious pain conditions. The medication is well known and it’s the first thing used in a lot of cases for people with severe pain problems. Lets take a look at what each of them has to offer:


four_dot_bullet_red Xanax does a good job of controlling anxiety. This doesn’t mean it stop it altogether, but it keeps it under control to the point where you don’t have to worry about it controlling you. Take the physical symptoms of anxiety for example such as heavy breathing or sweaty palms. Xanax does a good job of keeping these symptoms in check so that you can remain in control and not overreact to a situation.

four_dot_bullet_red Xanax can help a person to be more mellow than they usually are. When some people get anxious they speed up and this makes them jittery. This drug can help a person to focus better simply by slowing them down and making it easier for them to think through situatiions that would usually overwhelm them.


four_dot_bullet_red Valium does a good job of helping pain and deep aches to go away. Because of this someone who might be suffering now will have a much easier time sleeping at night. It can also help people who have anxiety problems such as social anxiety or serious stress issues.

four_dot_bullet_red Valium is not that hard to taper off of. This is because it’s fat soluble. It created adipose tissue in your body and in the brain. What this means is that when you stop taking it there might still be some of it into your body by means of your metabolism and fat cells.

Each of these has pros and cons. For someone with severe anxiety problems Xanax is known to work really well and make life bareable. For someone with serious pain problems Valium works well to make the pain manageble so that it doesn’t effect your life. Each of these has been known to be addictive though. You’ll have to make sure you know what you’re getting into when and if you decide to use one of these. All in all both of these are good at what they do and as long as they are taken the right way they work pretty well.

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