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Xanax Addiction: Myth or Reality?

Most commonly, people know that Xanax is an effective benzodiazepine, which is approved for the treatment of generalized anxiety disorders, insomnia, panic attacks, and a range of similar conditions. However, there are only a few patients, who have seriously taken into account the addictive properties of the drug. If used for a long term, Xanax can lead to abuse and frequently to life-threatening reactions.

The human body tends to develop tolerance to Xanax rather fast, so patients keep increasing the dose to achieve positive condition changes and experience general health improvement. According to the statistics, people with Xanax addiction may take over 20 tablets a day. If one decides to stop the use of the drug, he/she may experience devastating withdrawal reactions, such as restlessness, tremors, insomnia, anxiety, and others. Once you get any of these symptoms, you can learn about the physical dependence you have developed. At the same time, tolerance to Xanax and the appearance of withdrawal symptoms are the first signs of addiction.

The most common issues, which are triggered by Xanax addiction:

  • Continuous conscious use of Xanax, irrespective of the problems it causes;
  • No interest even in favorite activities, apathy;
  • Risk-taking behavior triggered by the components of the drug;
  • Obsession about the drug;
  • Physical and psychological inability to stop taking Xanax;
  • Unlimited and uncontrolled use of Xanax.

If the patient strives to give up the intake of Xanax, he/she should be aware of the long and daunting process to come through. The process should be supervised by a qualified doctor. The symptoms of withdrawal reactions are unpreventable, though they can be significantly decreased.

Understanding the Action of Xanax

How is it possible to differentiate a usual, powerful effect of the medication on the treated condition from the beginning of the addiction? Keep in mind the vital information about the benzodiazepine and follow the intake recommendations to avoid possible complications.

Xanax features a severe impact on the brain and central nervous system. The components of the drug help to enhance the levels of brain chemicals, which are responsible for slowing down the activity of nerve cells. As a result, high concentration of the chemical leads to abnormal calmness and relaxation.

The peak effects of the medication appear approximately two hours after the intake, and the ingredients of the medication remain in the body for 10-15 more hours.

How Can Xanax Be Abused?

Online shopping for medications can attract people with affordable costs and convenient services, but it is essential to remember about some risks such experience can hide. Taking more Xanax pills than prescribed by the doctor is the beginning of the drug abuse. Additionally, some patients managed to increase the dose, snort it, inject, or take through the blotted paper.

The first symptoms that will signal about Xanax addiction include confusion, severe breathing disorders, abnormal heart rate, fainting, and others.

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