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Tramadol Drug Class and Mechanism

tramadolWhen it comes to the drug class and mechanism of Tramadol, it is a man-made synthetic analgesic. Analgesic is means pain reliever. It is similar to other types of pain relievers in some ways, primarily Morphine. The exact mechanism of the medication is not really known. Only those with chronic pain conditions should use Tramadol.

How is Tramadol similar to Morphine in class and mechanism?

Similarly to Morphine, when Tramadol is taken it binds itself to the receptors in a persons brain. These receptors are referred to as opioid receptors. These particular receptors are crucial when it comes to transmitting sensations of pain throughout a persons body. By binding in this fashion the sensation of pain is greatly reduced.

Does Tramadol comes with the possibility of addiction like Morphine?

Anyone who decides to use Tramadol must make the decision that it will not be a long term thing. There are currently several pain killing medications on the market that are highly addictive. Tramadol if it is used the wrong way can also become addictive. So it is going to be important to work out a regimen with a doctor in order to avoid abuse.

Is Tramadol a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug otherwise known as a NSAID?

Tramadol does not comes with some of the possible problems that other medications come with. For one, it is not a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medication or NSAID. What this means is when someone starts taking it they will not be increasing their chances of stomach ulceration. Ulceration is internal bleeding that can occur with such medications.

Is the only way to use Tramadol by means of a prescription?

Seeing as how this drugs comes with the risk of abuse and the possibility of dependency, it can only be gotten through a prescription. Your doctor is going to want to ask you several questions in order to see if you would be suitable for the drug. You can also decide to request Tramadol by name if you do not want another brand of pain reliever.

Is there a generic version of Tramadol available or is there just a brand name?

As with all prescription medication, after a while generics become available. Tramadol has been on the market long enough to where there are several generics. The brand name for Tramadol is Ultram, or Ultram ER. These are going to be more expensive of course. Your doctor will let you know of all the options you have when it comes to generics.

What are the preparations for Tramadol tablets and the extended release version?

When it comes to the preparations for the tablet version of Tramadol it is typically 50mg. If a person decides to go with the extended-release version then there are several options. A person can get 100, 200, and even 300 mg preparations. These are the preparations designed for those with severe chronic pain problems.

The drug class and mechanism of Tramadol is very clear. It relieves pain of a moderate to severe level. Because of this precautions have to be taken to not abuse it.

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