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Retin-A Must Be Used With A Complete Skincare Program In Order To Work Well

Retin-A is a type of vitamin A that’s when used can help the skin to renew itself. There are two different versions of it, Retin-A and the Avita brand. The Avita brands are mainly used to treat acne while the Renova brands are used to help lower the appearance of fine wrinkles as well as mottled skin discoloration. This enables the skin to feel much smoother. With this treatment it’s going to be important for users to understand what else they need to do in order to help their cause.

People with bad skin in any form typically think if they use a treatment like Retin-A that it will solve their problems. This is just the beginning though. A complete program of treatment would include the following:

A person must take inventory of the different skincare treatments they use.

This would include things such as body oils, lotions, etc. In a lot of cases people who use these things assume they are healthy when in fact they might be. You can find these in superior quality form, but most people aren’t willing to spend the extra money for these versions. Asking a doctor to examine the different skincare treatments you use would prove helpful in this case.

You have to understand about acne treatments of skin health treatments you get over the counter.

If you use the wrong over the counter treatment for wrinkles, acne or skin discoloration, then this can lead to your condition not improving at all. In fact depending on how sensitive your skin is you can actually make matters worse. Retin-A must be used by itself for the most part though. It can’t be used with over the counter treatments typically. If there are exceptions you need to make sure a doctor informs you of this and then does an individual assessment based on your risk level.

You have to understand the different soaps and body washes you use on your skin.

Your skin has to be clean in order to ensure Retin-A works well for you, no matter what brand you use. What you don’t want to do though is use harsh soaps that are going to suck up all the nutrients out of your skin or make it too dry. People don’t do this intentionally. It’s just that they have soaps and cleansers they are accustomed to using and don’t want to use anything else. There might be specific soaps a doctor can recommend that you can use to clean your skin while using Retin-A.

A complete program of treatment for the skin is going to ensure you get a positive result from using Retin-A. Doing anything to further tax your skin or aggravate an existing condition can make recovery take longer or give the impression that Retin-A isn’t working. This is why a patient needs to make sure they are forthcoming with a doctor about anything they put on their skin before a course of treatment begins.

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