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Reasons Why Some People Use Less Of An Antibiotic Like Ampicillin Than They Are Supposed To

The problem with bacterial infections is that when people first become aware that they have one they tend to freak out. A person will either try to find some way to treat the condition on their own by means of over the counter treatments or they’ll go to a doctor for antibiotics. By the time they go to the doctor their condition has become worse. This can also happen when a person is doesn’t know that they have a bacterial infection until it becomes severe. In any case when they do get to a doctor and get prescribed something like Ampicillin, all their thinking about is getting rid of the problem as fast as possible.

The problem with using too much of an antibiotic like Ampicillin is one thing, because this can increase the chances of developing resistance problems. What about when someone decides to use less of the treatment then what they are supposed to. Now this might not make sense right? After all if a person is using something like Ampicillin, then chances are they’ve been given a specific dosage to use in order to ensure their condition goes away. They’ve been told how often they have to use it and how to use it. So why then would a person decide to use less of the treatment then what they are supposed to?

Well two of the main reasons are as follows:

four_dot_bullet_red Users of Ampicillin might feel like their condition has improved to the point where they just don’t need to use it anymore. This is even if they still have some course of treatment left. These could also be people who are aware of antibiotic resistance and have decided to take matters into their own hands believing they are combating potential resistance problems. This is the wrong way to go, because a bacterial condition might not be entirely gone and can come back worse than before.

four_dot_bullet_red Some users feel like the hassle of using Ampicillin isn’t worth it anymore once they feel like their bacterial problem is gone. This can be because they are using other medications that can be causing problems for them or because they just don’t want to be bothered anymore to use the antibiotic.

In both of the cases above it might seem like a good idea, but it isn’t. Proper use of an antibiotic such as Ampicillin is important. Whatever course of the treatment a doctor gives you there’s a reason why they feel the amount they’ve given you would work best for you. If for some reason you feel like they are giving you too much, then try to ask in a polite way why they feel like the course they’ve given you is needed.

Speak about having a worry concerning resistance problems or even ask at some point in the treatment would it be okay to stop. Usually you’ll be checked out and if a doctor feels it’s entirely okay then the remaining course of treatment will be stopped.

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