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Provigil And Whether Or Not It Might Cause Fertility Problems With Women

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If you want to take Provigil you want to be sure it is not going to effect any plans you might have for the future. Couples that are trying to have a baby will definitely need to pay careful attention to this. If you are a women or a man that wants to make sure you do not do anything to harm your chances to conceive, then you need to know if it is okay to take Provigil. Now from what you can find on the Internet, there should be no problems.

Women who are on hormonal birth control might have an increased chance of getting pregnant while they are on Provigil. And after they stop using the birth control their chances will still be high. The best way to be sure in this case is to speak with a doctor, particularly if you are a women who is using some kind of birth control method and you are trying to not get pregnant or you have just stopped using birth control.

Provigil has been tested for a long time now, and it is shown to treat conditions such as narcolepsy quite well. It has not been shown to cause any type of problems with infertility nor has it been shown to cause any problems to the reproductive system in any fashion. If this were the case reports would have been made known by now and this would be listed as a side effect on the label, but it is not.

The real problem people are going to face who are trying to conceive is going to be feelings of nervousness when are on Provigil. It is because of the nervousness they are going to feel that they might have a hard time conceiving. So these people will need to make sure they can find a way to relax, especially after they have gotten confirmation from a doctor that the drug Provigil is not going to be a problem to their efforts to have a baby.

There is one negative though. Once a women was pregnant she might want to cut back on taking Provigil, but this is going to go for any medication she might be taking. It is not because the drug particularly is going to cause problems. It is just that taking any kind of medication while a women is pregnant might increase her chances of complications during birth or defects with the baby.

The only way to keep these risks low is to cut back or to cut off use altogether. If taking it is something a women has to do during pregnancy, she is best advised to do so under the careful watch of a doctor who can offer her instructions throughout the process. Provigil is considered a wonder drug, but it can cause problems if people are not careful to get instructions as circumstances change.

Remember, your doctor gave you Provigil based on what your situation is now. So if it changes, the way the medication is taken will have to be changed or stopped altogether.

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