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Zetia (Ezetimibe)

Generic Name: Ezetimibe (ez ET i mibe)

Brand Names: Zetia



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This is a drug that is used to reduce the risks caused by high levels of cholesterol by limiting the amount of cholesterol that is absorbed to the system from food. However, Zetia alone can’t solve cholesterol issues. It is vital that you adapt to a healthy lifestyle by eating nutritious food and getting enough exercise.






Zetia should be administered orally according to the direction of your doctor. Your dosage will depend on the severity of the condition and the response your body shows to the drug. Don’t worry if you are prescribed other medicines with the drug since it is common to use Zetia with statins.


It is vital that you don’t stop taking the drug without consulting your doctor and that you ensure to take it regularly. High cholesterol doesn’t have symptoms that affect a person’s life every day. This however does not mean that you don’t need to take the drug.




If you are taking cholestyramine, cholestripol or a similar drug of the same group, take Zetia two hours before or four hours after taking the other medication. It is important to consult your doctor about any allergies you may have for a similar drug before taking it.


Patients with live diseases and women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not take the drug. Individuals with thyroid or kidney diseases should also make their doctors aware of these conditions if this drug is prescribed.


Since the common combination of Zetia and statin drugs can be detrimental to pregnant women, it is important to be on effective birth control if you are using both drugs.


Side Effects


You may experience a loss of appetite and difficulties in the digestive system due to many side effects including fullness of stomach, bloody stools, bleeding gums and indigestion. There could also be large hive like swelling almost anywhere in the body including sex organs.


You can also experience muscle pains, weakness and tiredness. Some patients see unusual bleeding and bruising as a result of Zetia. Nauesa and vomiting are also frequently seen in those taking the drug.


If any of these side effects appear, you should contact your doctor immediately. The sooner you get yourself attended to by a doctor, the easier it is going to be to stop you from taking this drug that is doing more bad than good to you. If the doctors identify that you show adverse effects to Zetia, they will recommend an alternative drug for you.


However, like all other drugs, the use of Zetia can also give rise to mild and short-lived side effects such as headache, fever, throat pain and runny nose. These are most probably results of your body getting used to the drug. Allow a few days for these side effects to disappear naturally. If they continue to bother you, it is critical that you contact your doctor about them.


In case you miss a dose, don’t try to cover it up by taking extra medicine with your next dose. Instead, try to take the medicine the instant you remember to do so if there is at least two hours till the time of the next dose.


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