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Xenical (Orlistat)

Generic Name: Orlistat (OR li stat)

Brand Names: alli, Xenical



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Xenical is used in the treatment of weight loss. Recommended by pharmacists and doctors, it targets fat absorption, instead of reducing your appetite, by blocking the fats and allowing 30% of the fat taken in from a meal to pass, undigested, through the gut. Xenical 120mg helps you to reduce, as well as maintain, your weight and decrease the potential of any weight gain. It is effective for long term use (approx 1-2 years).


Xenical is also beneficial in patients with high blood pressure, and high cholesterol and blood sugar levels, potentially reducing the risk factors and other conditions, such as hypertension and diabetes.


Method of Use


It is recommended that Xenical is taken orally with each meal that contains fat. If you miss a meal or the meal does not contain fat, do not take Xenical. It is advised that you also take a multivitamin once a day, preferably at night time, as Xenical may reduce your body’s effectiveness to absorb vitamins. Always follow your doctor’s instructions and read the medication chart included with Xenical. If you miss a dose of Xenical, take it as soon as you remember, unless this is close to your next scheduled dose. If it is, miss that dose and then return to your regular dosing schedule. Do not take 2 doses at once.




Xenical is to be stored at room temperature between 68°F and 77°F (20-25°C), in its original container, away from heat, light and moisture. It must not be stored in the bathroom. The product must be kept out of the reach of children and pets at all times. Any medication that is out of date should be disposed of safely (any pharmacist will be able to advise you on disposal instructions).


Advise Notes


If any of the following apply to you, do not use Xenical and consult your doctor as soon as possible:


four_dot_bullet_red you are allergic to any ingredients contained in Xenical ;


four_dot_bullet_red you are not overweight;


four_dot_bullet_red you suffer from a bile flow condition, such as cholestasis, or have difficulties absorbing food;


four_dot_bullet_red you have undergone an organ transplant;


four_dot_bullet_red you are taking cyclosporine.


Prior to taking Xenical, advise your doctor or pharmacist of any medical conditions. Please note the following:


four_dot_bullet_red do not exceed the recommended dose; an increase in dosage may hamper any weight loss and could potentially increase the risk of side effects;


four_dot_bullet_red maintain a recommended diet and exercise plan at all times whilst taking Xenical, to help lose weight and maintain your ideal weight;


four_dot_bullet_red eating a low fat diet may reduce potential bowel or stool side effects, such as flatulence, oily spotting, loose or an increase in stools;


four_dot_bullet_red if you are due to receive any dental, surgery or emergency care, advise your doctor, dentist or health practitioner of your treatment with Xenical;


four_dot_bullet_red if you are a diabetic, you blood sugar levels may be affected and it is advise that your levels are monitored closely. Your doctor may also adjust your dosage level accordingly;


four_dot_bullet_red do not use Xenical for treating children below 18 years of age;


four_dot_bullet_red do not use Xenical if you are pregnant, planning on becoming pregnant or are breast feeding.




Potential Side Effects


If you experience any of the above or following side effects, seek immediate emergency medical treatment and notify your doctor as soon as possible. Possible side effects include:


four_dot_bullet_red diarrhea, flatulence and possible discharge, an increase of or loose stools, oily spotting, lack of bowel control;


four_dot_bullet_red any allergic reaction, such as hives, rash or itching;


four_dot_bullet_red breathing difficulties, tightness of the chest;


four_dot_bullet_red swelling of the mouth, face, lips or tongue;


four_dot_bullet_red stomach cramps or pain.


Do not share Xenical with anyone else. It is recommended that you always complete a prescribed course, under your doctor or medical practitioner’s supervision at all times.


Please note that the above list is not complete and other side effects may occur. Should any other side effects happen, consult your doctor as soon as possible.


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