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Vytorin (Ezetimibe)

Generic Name: Ezetimibe and simvastatin (ez ET i mibe and SIM va stat in)

Brand Names: Vytorin



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This is a drug that is used for the regulation of cholesterol levels in the body. It increases the HDL or good cholesterol in the body and decreases the LDL or bad cholesterol by limiting the absorption of these substances. Keeping your cholesterol levels in good condition can help reduce the risk for heart attacks and strokes and make you healthier overall.


In order to gain the maximum effect of this drug, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle that includes nutritious meal intake, exercise and weight regulation.






Vytorin should be taken orally, once a day – if not prescribed otherwise. The exact dose of the drug will depend on your age, medical condition and the reaction that your body shows to the drug.


Make sure to take this drug regularly in order to gain the best results. Taking too much of the drug on your own accord isn’t going to treat your condition faster. Instead, it can be harmful to your health. Therefore, follow your doctor’s instructions at all times.


Results will start to be evident after about 2 weeks of using the drug if you follow all of your doctor’s directions with regard to diet and exercise.




four_dot_bullet_red Patients taking other related medications such as Cholestyramine or Cholestipol should only take Vytorin 2 hours before or 4 hours after taking the other drug. All grapefruit products including grapefruit juice and the fruit itself should be avoided when taking this medication. This is because it can change the way your body absorbs Vytorin which can influence your system negatively.


four_dot_bullet_red Patients with abnormal liver function or active liver disease should avoid using this drug. It isn’t safe to take this drug while pregnant or even when trying to get pregnant. It is also recommended to avoid Vytorin during breastfeeding.


Here are a few other drugs that shouldn’t be taken alongside Vytorin.


four_dot_bullet_red Boceprevir
four_dot_bullet_red Cyclosporine
four_dot_bullet_red Danazol
four_dot_bullet_red Certain antibiotics
four_dot_bullet_red Antifungal medication
four_dot_bullet_red HIV/AIDS medication


four_dot_bullet_red Those with a history of kidney diseases, thyroid disorders, low blood pressure and habits of high alcohol consumption should inform their doctor before taking this medication. Those with a Chinese descent should also be careful when taking the drug.


Side effects


The first few days of using Vytorin can cause your body to show certain side effects as a result of it getting conditioned to the drug. These include sore throat, fever and dizziness. However, these effects should diminish with time.


Additionally, other possible side effects include ear congestion, loss of voice, hearing issues, muscle ache, muscle stiffness and trouble breathing. Patients could also feel relatively more tired and weak due to the drug.


All of these side effects should be discussed with your doctor.


There are also a few other side effects which are very rare yet serious. These include darkened urine, fast heartbeat, loss of appetite and nausea. Patients may also experience skin irritations such as rashes and hives as a result of this drug. Seek emergency medical attention if you experience any of the aforementioned symptoms.


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