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V-gel is an herbal gel that is used in the treatment of vaginitis. Its three main components are Persian Rose, triphala, and Elettaria cardomomum.




V-gel is mainly utilized in the treatment of vaginitis. It is also extremely effective in reducing the symptoms associated with cervicitis as well. There are certain organisms that cause the infection of the vagina and the vulva. This eventually leads to the inflammation of the outer reproductive organs. There are other microbial agents that cause similar symptoms of the cervix. The antimicrobial and antifungal properties of this medication target the bacteria that is responsible for these ailments. V-gel relieves the discomfort experienced by these infections while reducing the time of recovery.


Persian Rose has antiviral properties. This inhibits the rate and efficiency with which the bacteria proliferates by selective inhibition of viral protease. It also possesses the feature to impede the progress of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. These strains of bacteria cause infections in the reproductive systems in women. The triphala in V-gel eases the inflammation that is associated with vaginitis and cervicitis. It also combats the bacteria responsible for these symptoms. Elettaria cardomomum reduces the pain that is usually accompanied by such infections.


This medication is also associated with reducing symptoms of various yeast infections, post-operative infections, and Leucorrhea.


Consult your physician to find out all the benefits that this medication may have for you.




You should always follow the prescription that your doctor has provided you with. You should not use V-gel in lower or higher doses than has been instructed.


This medication is a topical cream.


The amount of V-gel that you may have to apply will differ with each case of vaginitis and the severity of the ailment.


The recommended usage for this medication is that it should be applied twice, daily. It should be applied for at least a week or two before results may be experienced.


In the event of an adverse reaction, call your local emergency medical services immediately.


Side Effects


There was extensive research conducted on this medication. There was a study that involved thirty eight women who suffered from symptoms of vaginitis and cervicitis. The study lasted for two weeks. At the conclusion of the research, 94.7 per cent of the participants reported diminishment of their ailment. There were no side effects reported with the use of this medication from this study. There have also been no further reports of any side effects from the general population.


There may be a chance, however, that side effects may occur as a result of experiencing an allergic reaction to one of the ingredients. This is highly unlikely as all of the ingredients that have been used are natural and herbal in nature.




four_dot_bullet_red V-gel has not been observed to negatively react with any other substances or medications.


four_dot_bullet_red You should still inform your physician of any medications or over the counter herbal supplements that you may have been prescribed.


four_dot_bullet_red You should also inform your doctor if you have experienced an allergic reaction with similar medications in the past.


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