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Slip Inn

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Slip Inn is a type of sleep aid that is used by individuals who experience difficulty falling asleep. It is an herbal product used to treat mild insomnia.


How It Works


The herbal ingredients used in the drug are highly useful in aiding the user to fall asleep easily. Valerian, the main ingredient used in the drug, is a type of root that is useful in inducing sleep. Valerian also improves the quality of sleep to a great extent. The drug also includes passion flower. This ingredient directly affects the nervous system and thereby enables the user to sleep peacefully. Furthermore, the drug also works by affecting GABA neurotransmitters.


These brain chemicals are responsible for inducing sleep.




The main use of Slip Inn is its ability to make an individual fall asleep naturally. The drug enables you sleep peacefully by freeing you from mid-sleep awakenings. The medication is also highly beneficial since you will not experience the ‘hangover’ feeling in the morning. Since this feeling is quite common among prescribed sleeping aids, Slip Inn is known to be a preferable alternative.




Slip Inn is usually taken once a day before going to sleep. It is important to take the drug at least an hour before bed time in order for the drug to work. Your physician might change your dosage according to the severity of your condition. Do not take more tablets than necessary without consulting your healthcare provider. Increasing the number of capsules will not improve the effectiveness of the drug or enable to sleep for a longer while. Increasing the dosage can result in adverse health effects and might even result in overdosing. Thus, it is important for you to stick to your dose at all times.


In order to experience the full benefits of this drug, you must consume it on a regular basis. If you missed your dose, do not double it the next day. Just follow your regular dose schedule. Taking the drug at the same time every day will enable you to remember your dose.


Side Effects


Since Slip Inn is an herbal medication, you will not experience any adverse health effects during the treatment period. Individuals who have used Slip Inn for a long time have not reported any undesirable health effects. You must not take this beneficial quality for granted. Do not take more capsules than you are required to. Doing so can not only reduce the effectiveness of the drug, but it could lead to overdosing too. Although Slip Inn is an herbal product, misusing the drug can lead to harmful health effects.




four_dot_bullet_red Make sure to follow the precautionary methods given below during the course of the treatment.


four_dot_bullet_red Avoid consuming alcohol. This habit can affect the influence of the medication.


four_dot_bullet_red If you are making any changes to the dosage, inform your healthcare provider first.




Since Slip Inn only consists of herbal ingredients, it is possible for you to take the drug during the period of pregnancy. However, if you become pregnant during the treatment period, it is best to follow the instructions of your physician.


Before consuming the drug, inform your pharmacist about the current medications and herbal supplements that you are taking.


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