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Slimex is a weight loss pill used to aid shedding excess weight for people who are obese or overweight. Slimex is not a medically prescribed drug to treat excessive weight.


Drug Information


Slimex is marketed as a weight loss pill. It contains sibutramine hydrochloride, an oral anorexiant which is a dietary supplement to reduce the appetite.


Sibutramine hydrochloride is a monoamine reuptake inhibitor (MRI). It can reduce the reuptake of neurotransmitters norepinephrine, serotonin, and dopamine to create a sense of satiety. Though sibutramine hydrochloride works similarly to tricyclic antidepressants, and is structurally similar to amphetamines, the substance does not have the same effect on mood problems as medically-prescribed antidepressants.


Research has shown a concerning association between sibutramine hydrochloride and heart problems in obese or overweight individuals. Sibutramine hydrochloride is also suspected to increase the risk of stroke among individuals in this group. Therefore, all dietary supplements containing sibutramine hydrochloride has been withdrawn in the following countries: United States, Mexico, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, China, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Thailand, India and all members of the European Union.


Slimex is marketed as a “100% natural herbal weight loss formula” free of toxins that can help users lose between 2 to 4 kilos just in the first week. Slimex should be combined with a diet and exercise routine in order to be effective.


Slimex is available as oral capsules.




Slimex is not a medically prescribed drug, therefore there are no dosage requirements. However, users are strongly recommended to follow instructions in the package with regards to how to use the capsules.


Sibutramine hydrochloride, the active ingredient in Slimex, is administered according to the body mass index (BMI) score of a user. The usually prescribed dosage is 10 mg taken once per day, adjustable to 15 mg per day after 4 weeks if necessary.


Even though, Slimex requires no medical prescription, users are highly recommended to seek a doctor’s advice before use, especially if there are other medical conditions afflicting the user.


Do not use Slimex more or less than instructed in the package.


Side Effects


Slimex is not a medically tested drug, therefore there are no known side effects associated with the product. Slimex is marketed as “no side effects” in some countries. However, sibutramine hydrochloride is known to cause the following adverse reactions in some users:


four_dot_bullet_red Dry mouth
four_dot_bullet_red Increased appetite
four_dot_bullet_red Headache
four_dot_bullet_red Nausea
four_dot_bullet_red Strange tastes in the mouth
four_dot_bullet_red Upset stomach
four_dot_bullet_red Constipation
four_dot_bullet_red Trouble sleeping
four_dot_bullet_red Dizziness
four_dot_bullet_red Drowsiness
four_dot_bullet_red Flushing
four_dot_bullet_red Muscle or joint pain
four_dot_bullet_red Worsened menstrual pain or cramps


Slimex may cause one or more of these severe side effects that require immediate medical attention: cardiac arrhythmias, paresthesia, confusion, depression and thoughts of suicide. Some of these symptoms fade away after a day or two. However, if they seem to persist, seek medical help.




four_dot_bullet_red Sibutramine hydrochloride is known to cause cardiovascular complications, stroke, high blood pressure and increased heart rate. Therefore, do not take Slimex if there’s a history of these conditions.


four_dot_bullet_red Slimex may cause adverse reactions with other drugs. Always seek medical advice before taking Slimex if undergoing treatment for another medical condition.


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