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Serevent (Salmeterol)

Generic Name: Salmeterol (sal MEE ter all)

Brand Names: Serevent Diskus



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Serevent, also known as Salmeterol, is used as long-term cure to reduce or prevent trouble breathing and wheezing caused due to asthma. This medication is only effective on the long term. It must not be used for sudden breathing problems or attacks since it is usually prescribed for long-term use only.


How it works


Serevent is a bronchodilator. It relaxes the muscles in the airways and improves the breathing condition of the individual, which makes it highly suitable for people with breathing issues. However, in order to make this medication work, you must use it with a combination of other medications.


Its uses


As mentioned above, the primary function of the medication is to treat asthma and other breathing related problems. It also has the ability to cure breathing problems that are caused due to an ongoing lung disease such as emphysema or chronic bronchitis. It can also treat asthma caused due to exercise-induced bronchospasm.




Since the medication is used in the form of an inhaler, it must always be used in an active and horizontal position. It must be used twice a day. Most patients use it in the morning and evening since there should be at least a 12 hour gap between the two doses. While some people smell and taste the medication, others will not. It is best to consult your physician well ahead since the dosage depends on your health condition and your response to the treatment. Although it is important to use it regularly, do know that overdosing can increase the risk of side effects.


Side effects


Common allergic reactions to Serevent include hives, swelling of face/throat and breathing problems. However, it can also result in the following severe complications as well.


four_dot_bullet_red Deteriorated breathing problems
four_dot_bullet_red Insomnia
four_dot_bullet_red Muscle cramps
four_dot_bullet_red Seizures
four_dot_bullet_red Low potassium levels
four_dot_bullet_red High blood sugar levels


In the event of such circumstances, it is best to contact your healthcare provider immediately to reverse the effects.




In order to ensure that you do not worsen your health condition by using this medication, make sure to follow these precautionary methods.


Never use Serevent to stop an asthma attack that has already begun


Do not use it more than twice a day – unless your physician says it is alright to do so


Serevent must always be used along with another asthma medication


Do not use the medication if you are allergic to milk proteins


If you have any food allergies, high blood pressure, heart disease or thyroid problems, inform your physician well ahead.


Children and teenagers must use this medication along with another long-term asthma treatment since they are more susceptible to hospitalization.


Although it is not known whether the medication can affect pregnant women or not, it is best to avoid this medication during the time of pregnancy and breastfeeding.




If you feel that you are becoming more dependent on the medication to breathe properly, do know that it is an early symptom of a severe asthma attack. In this case, use a peak flow meter and see whether your rates are lower than usual. If they indeed are, contact your healthcare provider immediately.


If you use a steroid medication along with Serevent, do not stop the steroid treatment abruptly since it can result in unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.


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