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Rumalaya is a herbal supplement used as an alternative medical treatment for musculoskeletal pain.


Drug Information


Rumalaya is a medication that is used to keep the joints in your body completely mobile and functioning smoothly. It is a type of preparation that is known as a phytopharmaceutical preparation. It can be used to provide pain relief from pain symptoms caused by joint aches and bone issues.


These issues are typically caused by a number of different orthopaedic disorders. There are a number of completely naturally occurring ingredients contained in this medicine that collectively contribute to the relief of almost all joint-related pain symptoms.


It is classified as an immunomodulatory drug. It seizes control of the immune response of the body when aches and pains show themselves. It serves to modulate both the responses controlled humoral and via the cells of the body. It is a medication that has a ton of anti-arthritic properties which can be used in the treatment of osteoarthritis.


There is a large variety of diseases that can be treated with this drug, including rheumatic and rheumatoid arthritis, cervical and lumbar spondylosis, osteoarthritis, arthralgia, gout, and even frozen shoulder (caused usually due to strenuous activity associated with athletes, or due to incorrect posture during certain activities).


Main ingredients and Safety Information


Many conditions that have been linked to causing inflammation in the human body, such as bursitis, myositis and sciatica, all of which can be treated with this medicine. It is integral to the prevention of severe trauma when this type of disorder is present in people.


The main ingredient in this medication is “Shigru” or Drumstick, which causes the circulation of blood throughout the body to be vastly improved. It also has a number of intrinsic properties such as the ability to prevent inflammation, which makes it perfect for the treatment of joint-related pain during an arthritic attack or rheumatism.


Shigru can also be a good source of calcium, phosphorous and other essential minerals for strengthened bones, teeth and accelerated growth.


Indian Tinospora or “Guduchi” is another major ingredient found in Rumalaya, and it is an anti-inflammatory material that is ideal for the treatment of the pain and inflammation caused by conditions such as gout and arthritis.




Always follow the instructions your doctor has given you with regards to the dosage for Rumalaya. Do not deviate from the prescription dosages in any way.


This medication comes in tablet form. Swallow it whole without breaking it in any way. Drink it down with a glass of water.


If you fail to take a dose of Rumalaya, it is highly unlikely that it will have an adverse effect on you. Take the dose as soon as you remember. Never take a double dose to make up for one you missed.


If you forget the dose and remember when you are about to take the next one, ignore the one you missed and continue with the normal dosing schedule. If you overdose, call a doctor and tell them what happened. There should be no effects from overdosing.


Side Effects and Interactions


Being a completely neutral herbal preparation, Rumalaya has no recorded adverse side effects for users. It does not interact badly with other medication, and it doesn’t have any contraindications.


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