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Phenamax is a stimulating supplement that reduces the amount of fat that is present in the body. Phenamax contains a variety of natural products.




Phenamax focuses on the natural processes of the body to enable people to be able to lose the fat from their body.


One of the biological mechanisms that are targeted by Phenamax is the metabolism. Phenamax aims to increase the metabolism of individuals who are carrying extra weight on their body. When the metabolism is boosted, the body is encouraged to expend a greater amount of energy, thus reducing the fat content in the body.


Phenamax also has several ingredients that reduce people’s affinity for food. This decreases the amount of food that they consume. The combined processes of less food intake and more activity results in definite weight loss.


Phenamax provides more positive results if it is added to an effective diet plan and appropriate amount of exercise.


Contact a clinician to determine the positive effects of Phenamax for you.




Phenamax is only to be taken in limited amounts. This amount is decided by those with medical experience. You should always follow the directions that have been provided to you.


This medication is to be swallowed with water.


The maximum number of tablets of Phenamax that should be taken during a period of 24 hours is two capsules.


Only one dose of Phenamax should be taken at any one time.


If you have taken a surplus of Phenamax, you may require the services of a medical staff and facility.


Side Effects


Phenamax only uses natural substances as components. This significantly reduces the chance of developing an unpleasant response to Phenamax. This does not mean that there may be no side effects involved when indulging in Phenamax.


In rare circumstances, certain individuals may have an allergic attack due to one of the natural components in Phenamax.


There may be also some unintended consequences due to the large amount of stimulants that are present in Phenamax.


If you distinguish any differences in temperament or physical wellbeing after taking Phenamax, tell a healthcare attendant.




four_dot_bullet_red Phenamax should not be recommended to individuals who are pregnant or who are actively trying to become pregnant. The substances in Phenamax may not be safe for mothers or unborn children.


four_dot_bullet_red Phenamax should be excluded from the diet of any women who is contemplating breast feeding.


four_dot_bullet_red Individuals who are below the age of eighteen should not be taking Phenamax. It is strictly for adult consumption only.


four_dot_bullet_red Carefully look through the composition list of Phenamax. This is to determine if you may have a hypersensitive response to any of the ingredients.


four_dot_bullet_red You should divulge to your doctor all the supplements or medications that you may be currently consuming. There may be certain drugs that can have surprising repercussions when taken along with Phenamax.


four_dot_bullet_red There are certain medical conditions that make some individuals more susceptible to some ailments. These people should not be advised to take Phenamax.


four_dot_bullet_red There is a considerable amount of stimulants present in Phenamax. This may cause overstimulation in individuals who already have high caffeine content in their diets.


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