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Nizagara consists largely of sildenafil citrate which is known for acting as an antagonist to the PDE5 enzyme in the body.




Nizagara is a solution for men who are unable to carry out normal sexual functions. These men face a condition known as erectile dysfunction or sexual impotence. This implies the incapacity for some men to achieve an erection. It can also refer to the difficulty people might face in sustaining an erection as well. The stimulation of the male sexual organ depends upon the actions of nitric oxide and a substance that is known as cGMP. Nitric oxide causes an accumulation of cGMP to occur. This, in turn, results in the increase in the size of blood vessels to the penis. The enlargement of these vessels means that a larger amount of blood can flow to the penis, resulting in an erection. This action can be inhibited by the presence of the PDE5 enzyme. This enzyme reduces the amount of cGMP in the body, thus causing the blood vessels to contract. Nizagra has a PDE5 antagonist that can overcome this circumstance.




To be appropriately effective, Nizagara must be taken in a specified dose. This will allow for the best results.


Differing in this suggested dose can have unexpected results with Nizagara.


Nizagara is in capsule form that needs to be orally ingested.


It should be taken in an amount that is equivalent to 100mg. This dose of Nizagara should be taken about 30 minutes before you intend on indulging in sexual activity.


The maximum dose of Nizagara that should be taken within a single day is 100mg or one tablet. The effects should span between four to five hours.


An excess of Nizagara can have dangerous consequences. If you are feeling the effects of a surplus of Nizagara you should inform a local healthcare center as soon as possible.


Side Effects


There is always the possibility of adverse reactions when taking Nizagara. Here is a list of some of the potential negative responses of Nizagara:


four_dot_bullet_red Headache
four_dot_bullet_red Unusual bowel movements
four_dot_bullet_red Presence of swelling in the body
four_dot_bullet_red Discomfort along various regions of the body
four_dot_bullet_red Bleeding from the nasal passages
four_dot_bullet_red Vomiting
four_dot_bullet_red Extreme agony in the chest
four_dot_bullet_red Disorientation
four_dot_bullet_red Fainting
four_dot_bullet_red Lack of sensation in the limbs
four_dot_bullet_red Burning sensations


You should seek the advice of a healthcare attendant if you are experiencing any one of these effects.




four_dot_bullet_red Nizagara should not be used by individuals other than men. It can be particularly harmful to women who are with child or mothers who may be breastfeeding.


four_dot_bullet_red The incidence of certain substances in Nizagara may result in an allergic response when taken.


four_dot_bullet_red Nizagara should be avoided if you have been diagnosed with any form of pulmonary disease.


four_dot_bullet_red Nizagara should not be taken together with products that contain either nitrates or nitroprusside. You should be informed that there are certain recreational drugs that contain certain form of nitrates. Do not take medication without a prescription if you are taking Nizagara.


four_dot_bullet_red Nizagara is not to be consumed with other treatments that are supposed to provide sexual enhancement as well.
Heart conditions and medications that target heart conditions should not be mixed with Nizagara.


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