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Nimotop (Nimodipine)

Generic Name: Nimodipine (nye-MOE-di-peen)

Brand Names: –



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Nimotop acts as a calcium channel blocker in the brain.


Drug Information


Nimotop is used to reduce complications that could rise due to bleeding in the brain. The drug allows the veins of the brain to relax rather than narrow when bleeding occurs. This ensures that no clotting or bursting of veins in the brain take place.




This medication is available in many forms; as a tablet, capsule and syrup. The way of administering the drug will differ according to the type of medication you are taking. It is generally taken orally every 4 hours. In order to make sure the drug is effective, it should be taken as soon as possible after the bleeding has been diagnosed.


You should drink a glass of water after taking the medication. Avoid lying down immediately after taking Nimotop.


This drug is usually taken for 2 to 4 weeks. Make it a point not to stop taking the drug merely because you see a small improvement in your symptoms. Taking the drug regularly will ensure that you get the best results.


Talk to your doctor before stopping or changing the dosage of the drug.




Discuss with your doctor about any possible allergic reactions you may have to the drug before taking it. Only a very rare amount of patients experience severe allergy reactions to the drug. However if you notice any swelling, itching or hives, inform your doctor as soon as possible.


You will also have to detail any negative experience you had with calcium channel blockers in the past. Your doctor should also be aware of your complete medical history including any liver, kidney, heart related diseases that you may have experienced. The medications you take for those diseases may interact with Nimotop and result in adverse effects.


It is very important to let your doctor know about taking the medication before undergoing any form of surgery as it directly impacts blood flow within the body.


Elderly people should be more cautious about the side effects of Nimotop while pregnant women should only take it when absolutely necessary. It is also important to keep in mind that this drug does pass into breast milk.


You may feel a lack of balance and control when standing up suddenly after sitting or sleeping when using this drug.


Therefore, you should be careful when doing so. It is also important to avoid driving or handling heavy machinery when using the drug.


Side effects


Dizziness, flushing, nausea, light headedness and swelling of limbs are expected side effects of this drug. However, these could also be signs of your body becoming accustomed to the drug. Therefore, such side effects should not cause immediate panic. However, if the above effects continue to bother you, it is best to consult a doctor to clarify the causation behind the problems.


Fainting, abdominal pain, difficulty breathing, inability to move bowels and stomach bloating are all very rare yet possible side effects of the drug. A doctor should be informed immediately if any of the signs are persistent.


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