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Myambutol (Ethambutol)

Generic Name: Ethambutol (eth AM bue tol)

Brand Names: Myambutol



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Myambutol works as an antibacterial agent, specific to certain types of bacteria. The ingredient that is most active in Myambutol is ethambutol hydrochloride.




Myambutol is mainly used to treat the infectious lung condition that is known as tuberculosis. Tuberculosis is a bacterial infection caused by the pathogen Mycobacterium tuberculosis. It can be transferred from person to person through droplets produced by the throat and lungs of an infected individual. The symptoms of the disease are typically excessive coughing, chest pain, fatigue, decrease in weight and fever.


Myambutol is anti-microbial in nature. This antibiotic operates by inhibiting the growth of the bacteria cells that cause tuberculosis. This eventually causes the cells to die. This mechanism prevents the spread of the disease in the body. Myambutol is typically administered along with another medication when it is used to treat tuberculosis.


Myambutol is not effective when taken to reduce the severity of viral infections such as the flu or a cold. There, however, may be other bacterial infections that may be treated with Myambutol. You should ask a medical expert about the other attributes of Myambutol.




Myambutol must be taken in measured quantities that is dictated by a medical expert. Taking Myambutol in quantities that differ from the recommended measures can result in adverse responses.


Myambutol can be taken in through the mouth. It can be accompanied by food.


For individuals who have not previously undergone tuberculosis treatment, the quantity taken should be 25mg for every kilo of the patient’s weight. This should be given once a day, as a single dose.


For those who have had other tuberculosis treatments, the quantity that should be administered is 15mg for every kilo that they weigh. This quantity should be taken once every twenty four hours.


In the event that you cannot adhere to the schedule that has been provided, you should not take more than one dose of Myambutol at one time.


If you have consumed an excess of Myambutol, you should contact the nearest health service.


Side Effects


Myambutol may cause certain unpleasant effects when taken to reduce the severity of the tuberculosis infection.


Some of these symptoms may be:


four_dot_bullet_red Chills
four_dot_bullet_red Swelling in the joints, particularly in the leg
four_dot_bullet_red Pain in the joints
four_dot_bullet_red Problems with vision including color blindness
four_dot_bullet_red Fever
four_dot_bullet_red Unusual sensations in the limbs
four_dot_bullet_red Irritation on the skin


If these indications manifest, you should get the advice of a medical expert as soon as possible.




four_dot_bullet_red Pregnant women should discuss the circumstances of their condition with a medical expert to determine the best course of action. Myambutol can be transferred from mother to child through breast milk.


four_dot_bullet_red You should not take Myambutol if you have had a sensitive reaction to any of the components in Myambutol.


four_dot_bullet_red Myambutol can cause distortions with your vision. If you have been diagnosed with an eye condition, you may not be able to identify if this side effect manifests within your body. Individuals with certain eye problems should not be administered Myambutol.


four_dot_bullet_red Certain health problems such as gout, diabetes, types of arthritis, liver ailments, or kidney disease can be aggravated by Myambutol.


four_dot_bullet_red To ensure that you limit the negative effects of Myambutol, you should minimize or avoid drinking alcohol.


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