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Mentax (Butenafine topical)

Generic Name: Butenafine topical (bue TEN a fine TOP i kal)

Brand Names: Mentax



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Mentax is a brand name for a topical antifungal used to treat a variety of dermatological infections. It is available as a cream supplied in 15 gram or 30 gram tubes. Mentax can be obtained over the counter or with a physician’s prescription.


Drug Information


The active ingredient in Mentax is butenafine hydrochloride, a synthetic antifungal agent that belongs to the chemical class of benzylamines. Each gram of Mentax 1% cream tube contains 10 mg of butenafine HCL.


Butenafine hydrochloride is used to treat an array of fungal infections, including jock itch, athlete’s foot, ringworm and pityriasis (tinea versicolor), a fungal infection that causes to skin to turn light or dark in exposed areas such as the neck, arms, legs and chest. Butenafine hydrochloride treats infections by preventing the growth of the fungus.




Mentax is for external use only. Thoroughly wash hands and then the infected area before application. Gently rub a thin layer of the medicated cream onto the affected area until the cream disappears. Wash hands again afterwards. Do not cover the infected area with bandages, wraps, cloths or anything else.


Do not get Mentax into eyes, nose, ears, mouth, scalp or the inside of vagina. If the cream accidentally gets onto these areas, promptly wash with cold water. Consult a physician if unusual irritation is present afterwards.


Apply Mentax only as instructed in the leaflet inside the packaging, or as directed by a physician. If any of the instructions for self-treatment is not clear, do not use without clarifying the information with a pharmacist or a doctor first.




Mentax dosage will vary depending on the severity of the condition and as per physician recommendations. Generally, Mentax is applied twice a day for a week. Dosage frequency and duration could be longer and more depending on the type of fungal infection.


Do not stop using Mentax if symptoms of the fungal infection disappears after a few days. The prescribed dosage should be followed to ensure the complete elimination of the infection.


Apply the cream during the same time each day for best results.


Do not apply Mentax more or less than as directed. Instructions should be strictly followed to completely eliminate the fungus and to reduce the possibility of the infection returning later.


Side Effects


Butenafine is not known to cause serious side effects. However, the following conditions may occur in some users:


four_dot_bullet_red Skin irritation
four_dot_bullet_red Peeling
four_dot_bullet_red Swelling
four_dot_bullet_red Dryness
four_dot_bullet_red Unusual redness
four_dot_bullet_red Swelling
four_dot_bullet_red Itching
four_dot_bullet_red Blistering


Other side effects than mentioned above may occur. In such a case, consult a physician immediately.


Seek medical care if side effects persist after discontinuing use.


Not following the proper dosage instructions can worsen existing side effects or cause additional side effects.




four_dot_bullet_red Do not use Mentax to treat fungal infections under the nails or inside the vagina.


four_dot_bullet_red Do not use Mentax if allergic to butenafine or to similar allylamine antifungals such as naftifine and terbinafine.


four_dot_bullet_red Users prone to allergies should consult a physician or a pharmacist before using the over the counter product.


four_dot_bullet_red Do not use if pregnant or planning to get pregnant without consulting a physician first.


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