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Menosan is involved in the balance of the hormone estrogen in the female body. It contains phytoestrogens such as Asparagus racemosua. Menosan also has other important components including Saraca indica and Glycyrrhiza glabra.




Menosan is prescribed to alleviate the symptoms that are experienced when women are undergoing the process of menopause. In addition to controlling the indicators of menopause, Menosan is also involved in the prevention of certain conditions that are typically associated with menopause. This includes certain cardiovascular issues and osteoporosis.


Asparagus racemosua has estrogen tendencies which help to diminish the fluctuations that are a part of menopause.


This includes emotional and mental changes as well as discrepancies in weight and sleep. In certain instances there is also reduced control over bladder functions. Glycyrrhiza glabra relieves the mucus membranes in the female sexual organs. This prevents irritation of the vulva, hot flashes, as well as night sweats. The Saraca indica has antibacterial attributes that significantly reduce the chance of getting urinary tract infections. UTIs are a common issue with women who are undergoing menopause.


Do discern all of the beneficial properties of Menosan, you should contact the proper medical authorities.




For optimal results with Menosan, you must consume only a measured amount of the herbal treatment. This will ensure that only the positive effects of Menosan will be felt.


Menosan is for oral consumption.


The typical amount of Menosan that should be taken is between one to two capsules twice a day. Menosan should be ingested along with food.


There will be a period of a few weeks before the initial benefits of Menosan are experienced.


Contact a health center if you have taken more than the recommended amount of Menosan. You may be at risk of developing symptoms of an overdose.


Side Effects


Menosan has undergone rigorous testing to adhere to the guidelines that have been enforced by medical authorities.


This has ensured that Menosan is effective as well as safe to be taken by the general public. Due to the natural components present in Menosan, there are no unpleasant reactions reported.


The possibility remains that you may have an allergic response to one or more of the natural ingredients in Menosan.


You should contact your healthcare attendant if you experience such indications.




There has been no conclusive evidence to determine whether or not Menosan is safe for expectant mothers. You should seek the appropriate guidance from a clinician. You should also get a second opinion prior to engaging in breastfeeding.


You should refrain from using Menosan if you have suffered a previous hypersensitive reaction to one of the ingredients in Menosan.


There may be certain preexisting illnesses or disorders that may be worsened by consuming Menosan. It is important to understand all of the effects that Menosan may have on your body as well as any ailment that you may be suffering from.


There are specific medications that may cause negative reactions if taken at the same time as Menosan. Consult a medical expert to determine whether or not there may be an interaction between the drugs you are taking and Menosan.


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