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Meldonium (Mildronate)

Generic Name: –

Brand Names: Meldonium, Mildronate



Where to buy Meldonium online?



The active ingredient in Meldonium is Mildronate. It’s an anti-ischemic drug created to treat people with heart ischemia and the resulting problems it causes. It’s also used in neurology in order to help people who suffer from brain circulation disorders. When taken it improves a patients mood greatly. A person becomes more energetic, their motor dysfunction rises, and issues such as asthenia, dizziness and nausea become less apparent. Some additional uses for the drug includes improving learning abilities and memory.



What are some of the side effects of Meldonium?


Meldonium isn’t sold in every country, but in the few countries it is sold there are side effects reported. These are isolated incident though. Here’s a short list.


four_dot_bullet_red Increased blood pressure

four_dot_bullet_red Faster-than-normal heart rate called tachycardia

four_dot_bullet_red Indigestion


Where can you purchase Meldonium


The problem with Meldonium is that even though it’s a pretty effective drug, it’s one that not a whole lot of people have heard of. In fact, it’s not even offered in American drug stores for the most part. This means anyone living in the U.S will have a hard time getting it. It’s commonly sold in Eastern Europe. However, one good option to purchase it would be using a good online pharmacy.


People who really believe this drug can work for them shouldn’t let the scarcity of it in their country stop them. Here’s three methods to get access to Meldonium:


four_dot_bullet_red Seek out a good, reputable online pharmacy. Seeing as how the drug is so hard to find in certain parts of the world, then you will need to make sure you go with a good one. A good online pharmacy is going to have a vast network of contacts in order to ensure they can get access to any drug you need. More contacts equal more options and better prices.


four_dot_bullet_red Look around for the drug in different versions. It’s hard to tell if there are many different versions of this drug available. For the most part there really isn’t. However, this doesn’t mean the drug isn’t available in generic form. Trying to find it in generic form might make it easier for you to get it rather than trying to find the brand name version. Not only this, but you can save money.


four_dot_bullet_red Ask around in online forums about the drug. Seeing as how this drug is so rare, you’ll be hard pressed to find much information about it in certain online forums. However, if you look hard enough then you should still be able to find some information on where you can get it or other versions of it if there exists any.


Meldonium is a very effective drug, and there’s a reason why it’s so popular in certain parts of the world. American doctors just don’t know enough about it though and when this is the case you can’t count on them prescribing it to you. You’ll have to take additional measures to educate yourself on the risks associated with taking this drug before you decide to go alternative routes to purchase it.


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