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Lukol is an herbal remedy for a variety of disorders of the female reproductive system. The active elements of Lukol are Asparagus racemosua, Woodfordia fruticosa and Boerhavia diffusa.




Lukol treats a variety of ailments that are caused by to the disruption of the normal functioning of the female reproductive system. Lukol promotes growth of the interior lining of the uterus, improves musculature of the uterus, and maintains proper circulation of blood in the system. Lukol also inhibits the presence and growth of certain foreign bodies that are responsible for diseases such as leucorrhea and pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). Lukol alleviates the discomfort that is associated with such conditions.


Asparagus racemosua and Woodfordia fruticosa have antimicrobial attributes. These contribute to preventing the fungus and bacteria from thriving and reproducing in the body. These herbs are used to inhibit the spread of diseases such as leucorrhea and PID. Boerhavia diffusa diminishes inflammation and spasms within the reproductive system.


This helps to lessen any pain that might accompany leucorrhea and PID.


Refer to a medical entity to determine if Lukol has any other beneficial properties.




Lukol is effective when ingested in specific quantities. When you take Lukol in the amounts that you have been instructed, you will be able to experience the optimal effects of the drug.


Lukol is to be taken via the mouth.


The quantity of Lukol that is typically adhered to is two tablets. This should be taken twice a day.


Lukol can be administered until the symptoms of the ailments have gone.


Contact your nearest health authorities if you have taken an amount of Lukol greater than what was prescribed.


Individuals who consume an excessive quantity of Lukol may be at risk of an overdose.


Side Effects


Lukol was created as a natural homeopathic remedy for the problems regarding the female sexual organs. The herbal composition of Lukol has resulted in no side effects being reported. There were several research studies that were conducted regarding the consequences of taking Lukol. During this period there were no counteracting responses observed. There were also no additional negative outcomes discovered once Lukol was released for public consumption.


There is a possibility that you may experience an adverse reaction to some of the herbs or plants that are found in Lukol.


Report any symptoms to a clinician as soon as possible.




Fetuses are susceptible to certain substances absorbed by the mother. This is why you should talk to an expert in the medical field if you have discovered you are pregnant. This advice should also be followed by women who are considering breastfeeding young children.


Do not take Lukol if you know that you are sensitive to one of the ingredients in the medication.


Though Lukol has an herbal constitution, it may still react badly when taken with certain other treatments. This is why you should divulge to a healthcare attendant all of the remedies, medical or otherwise, which you may be taking.


The presence of particular health conditions within the body may be aggravated by Lukol. You should list all of the issues that you may be facing before you are prescribed with Lukol.


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