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Kytril (Granisetron)

Generic Name: Granisetron (gra NIS e tron)

Brand Names: Granisol, Kytril



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Kytril is a medication that is used to treat conditions such as nausea and vomiting that are caused as a result of medications used during chemotherapy. This medication is also known as Granisetron in the medical field.


How It works


This medication works by affecting the brain directly. There are certain brain chemicals, such as neurotransmitters, that are responsible for triggering nausea and vomiting. Medications used for chemotherapy can increase these brain chemicals and thereby lead to such unpleasant effects. Kytril works by neutralizing the level of such neurotransmitters and thereby reduces effects such as nausea and vomiting to a great extent.




This medication is useful in treating conditions that occur as a result of various types of cancer treatments. It is primarily used among patients who take chemotherapy since the nausea and vomiting are common side effects of the medications used in this treatment process. However, the medication is also effective in treating nausea and vomiting that are caused a result of radiation therapy.




This medication is usually taken 1 hour before chemotherapy. Do not take more tablets than advised or change your dosage schedule without consulting your physician. Increasing the number of tablets will not reduce nausea to a great extent but will only lead to unpleasant side effects. If you missed or skipped your dosage, do not double the next one. Follow your regular timetable.


If you are taking this medication in liquid form, make sure to measure the solution accurately. Do not use a household spoon since it will not be accurate. Thus, you need to use a proper measuring device/spoon to ensure that you only take the right amount of medication. This will reduce the risk of overdosing.


Side Effects


The following are some side effects of this medication that you may or may not experience during the treatment process.


four_dot_bullet_red Pounding heartbeat
four_dot_bullet_red Body aches
four_dot_bullet_red Easy bruising
four_dot_bullet_red Unusual bleeding
four_dot_bullet_red Constipation
four_dot_bullet_red Dizziness
four_dot_bullet_red Insomnia
four_dot_bullet_red Stomach upset
four_dot_bullet_red Unusual tiredness


If you experience any of the above symptoms during your treatment period, contact your healthcare provider for immediate medical assistance.




By adhering to the following precautionary methods, you will be able to reduce the risk of side effects to a great extent.


four_dot_bullet_red Inform your physician if you have a pre-existing liver disease or heart condition


four_dot_bullet_red Do not consume alcohol since it can reduce the effectiveness of the medication


four_dot_bullet_red Check whether you are allergic to any of the ingredients used in the medication


four_dot_bullet_red Inform your physician about the prescription drugs, non-prescription drugs, medical supplements and herbal treatments that you are currently using


four_dot_bullet_red Drink plenty of fluids to keep you hydrated


four_dot_bullet_red Take regular tests to track your blood pressure levels


four_dot_bullet_red Take lab tests to ensure that you do not develop a liver disease during the treatment period




It has been found that this medication can adversely affect the health of an unborn baby. Thus, you must not consume this medication during the period of pregnancy. If you become pregnant during the treatment period, contact your physician for instructions.


Remember that this medication will reduce the unpleasant side effects of chemotherapy medications. Thus, do not use this medication more than prescribed since it will not affect your cancer in anyway.


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