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Fosamax (Alendronate)

Generic Name: Alendronate (a LEN dro nate)

Brand Names: Binosto, Fosamax



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Fosamax is a medication that is known as a bisphosphonate. This drug acts as an inhibitor to the osteoclast-mediated bone reabsorption in the body. The main component in Fosamax is alendronate sodium.






Fosamax deals with the specific types of bone loss such as osteoporosis that can sometimes occur in adults.


Osteoporosis affects the body by weakening the bones of the body. It causes the bones to become slimmer and more brittle. This leads to bones breaking much more easily. Osteoporosis can occur due to the natural aging process of the body, as a symptom of post-menopausal, or due to the continued usage of certain steroid medications.


Fosamax greatly reduces the amount of bone loss that is experienced by such adults. This means that the bones are much less likely to fracture due to activity or physical stressors. Fosamax also works by increasing the mass of the bones. This too helps to diminish breakage and other damage to the bones that is typically found in those with osteoporosis.


You should contact a medical expert to find out about any other medical advantages Fosamax may have.




Fosamax provides beneficial effects as long as it is taken in certain quantities. Taking Fosamax in quantities other than this specified dosage may result in unwanted repercussions.


Fosamax is an oral medication.


For individuals who wish to diminish the effects of osteoporosis, it is recommended that a daily amount of 10mg of Fosamax is taken. There is also the option of taking a single 70mg capsule of Fosamax once a week.


For postmenopausal women who are attempting to prevent osteoporosis, the quantity that should be taken once a day is 5mg of Fosamax. These women can also choose to take 35mg of Fosamax just once a week.


Fosamax should only be taken in single, individual doses.


If you accidentally ingest a larger amount of Fosamax than has been prescribed, you should consult a nearby medical center as soon as possible.


Side Effects


There may be certain unpleasant symptoms that may manifest alongside the beneficial properties of Fosamax. Some of these adverse indicators are:


four_dot_bullet_red Stomach ache
four_dot_bullet_red Discomfort when swallowing
four_dot_bullet_red Indigestion
four_dot_bullet_red Muscle aches
four_dot_bullet_red Discomfort along the food pipe
four_dot_bullet_red Presence of inflammation on the skin
four_dot_bullet_red Disorientation
four_dot_bullet_red Tremors
four_dot_bullet_red Loose stools
four_dot_bullet_red Erratic heartbeat
four_dot_bullet_red Discomfort in the bones or the joints


If you experience any of the above indications, contact a healthcare administrator as soon as you can.




four_dot_bullet_red The effects of Fosamax on women who are pregnant are yet to be identified. Due to the uncertainty of the result, you should talk to a physician about the possible consequences of using Fosamax. Mothers who would like to breastfeed should also seek appropriate medical advice.


four_dot_bullet_red Fosamax is not suited to individuals who have diminished levels of calcium in their system.


four_dot_bullet_red Fosamax is typically not prescribed to those who have poor functioning of the esophagus.


four_dot_bullet_red It is imperative that you adopt an upright position for at least half an hour after consuming Fosamax.


four_dot_bullet_red You should inform healthcare personnel of any conditions that you may currently be suffering from such as a Vitamin D deficiency, dental issues, digestive problems, or kidney disease.


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