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Floxin (Ofloxacin)

Generic Name: Ofloxacin (oh FLOX a sin)

Brand Names: Floxin



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Floxin or ofloxacin is the antibiotic from group of drugs known as fluoroquinolones. Floxin helps to fight against bacteria present in your body. It is also used to cure the bacterial infections of lungs, skin, urinary tract, prostate. The tablets have inactive ingredients including modified corn starch, hypromellose, polyethylene glycol, anhydrous lactose, magnesium stearate, sodium starch glycolate, polysorbate 80, hydroxypropyl and titanium dioxide along with synthetic yellow iron oxide.


Before taking Floxin


Before you take Ofloxacin, let your pharmacist or doctor know that you are allergic to the same or to some other quinolone antibiotics. You might not be able to take Floxin in case you face muscle disorder. Tell the doctor in case you have history of the myasthenia gravis.


You should stop taking Floxin at once and consult your doctor if you face problems like swelling, tenderness, movement problems, stiffness, bruising, sudden pain in joints. Rest your joints till the time you get any medical attention or care.


Floxin may also cause tearing or swelling of the tendon and that too in Achilles tendon of heel. This may take place during treatment, therapy or up to some months after you have stopped taking the drug. The tendon issues may occur more likely at the age of 60 or above, in case you take some steroids or even when you have heart, lung or kidney transplant.


Side effects


You should stop taking Floxin and consult the doctor if you face severe effects like:


four_dot_bullet_red diarrhoea

four_dot_bullet_red seizures

four_dot_bullet_red hallucinations

four_dot_bullet_red insomnia

four_dot_bullet_red unusual thoughts

four_dot_bullet_red light headed feeling

four_dot_bullet_red confusion

four_dot_bullet_red anxiety

four_dot_bullet_red tremors

four_dot_bullet_red restlessness

four_dot_bullet_red nightmares etc.


Also, you may experience:


four_dot_bullet_red fainting

four_dot_bullet_red fast heartbeat

four_dot_bullet_red serious dizziness

four_dot_bullet_red snapping

four_dot_bullet_red popping sound

four_dot_bullet_red sudden pain

four_dot_bullet_red chest pain

four_dot_bullet_red cramps

four_dot_bullet_red abdominal pain

four_dot_bullet_red reduced appetite

four_dot_bullet_red gastrointestinal distress

four_dot_bullet_red fever

four_dot_bullet_red sleep disorders

four_dot_bullet_red trunk pain

four_dot_bullet_red visual disturbances

four_dot_bullet_red constipation

four_dot_bullet_red vaginal discharge

four_dot_bullet_red somnolence

four_dot_bullet_red pruritus

four_dot_bullet_red flatulence and pharyngitis etc.




There are some drugs that may not be taken with this drug like droperidol, cisapride or medicines that you take for irregular heart rhythm.


How should I take Floxin?


Floxin is generally taken in every 12 hours. Follow the directions on prescription label or as directed by your doctor. Don’t take the drug in smaller or larger amount or even for longer span than prescribed.
You can take the medicine with water. You should also drink large amount of water or fluids every day when taking Floxin.


What if I miss a dose?


Take missed dose as soon as possible or when you remember. It is good that you skip the missed medicine when you know that you have to take the scheduled one in some time.




In case you take more medicine as directed by the doctor, seek immediate emergency medical help.


In all, to reduce development of the bacteria and maintain effectiveness of the medication, Floxin should be taken to treat and prevent the infections which are strongly suspected or proved to be caused by the susceptible bacteria. With all this information, we hope you would have got enough details about the drug Floxin. Read more online for any other details about this medicine, its uses, benefits, side effects and interactions.


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