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Etodolac (Lodine)

Generic Name: Etodolac (ee toe DOE lak)

Brand Names: Lodine, Lodine XL



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Etodolac is a drug that is classified as an NSAID, or a Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug. It reduces the levels of certain hormones that cause inflammation in humans.


It is used in the treatment of pain caused by either osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis. It may also be prescribed by a doctor for treatment of other infections.


Important data


This drug can greatly increase the risk of suffering a stroke or a heart attack that can result in fatality. This is true mainly for people using Etodolac for extended periods.


Never use Etodolac right before or after surgery in which a coronary bypass has been done or will be done.


This medication can also lead to bleeding from the stomach and intestines. This condition can result in intense pain and can even be fatal. It is more common in older people.


If you see symptoms of gastrointestinal bleeding, make sure you call a doctor immediately. Symptoms include black and bloody stools as well as a bloody cough.


Never use any OTC (over-the-counter) medicines for allergies and a cold unless you have cleared it with your doctor first.


Taking medicines like aspirin and ibuprofen while taking Etodolac can result in an overdose and dangerous interactions.


Do not drink alcohol while on Etodolac as it can make you more vulnerable to stomach and intestinal bleeding.


This drug has the ability to make skin more sensitive to sunlight and UV light. Avoid direct sunlight and tanning salons if possible.


Do not take Etodolac if you have allergies to the main ingredient. If you have ever had an allergic reaction to an NSAID, do not take this one.


Tell your doctor if you have any heart diseases, blood pressure and cholesterol issues, diabetes, or if you are a smoker.


Also tell your doctor about your family medical history, including heart attacks, strokes and blood clots, as well as ulcers and stomach bleeding.


If you have asthma, liver and kidney diseases and problems with the retention of your fluids, tell your doctor before taking Etodolac.


Do not take this drug in the last trimester of your pregnancy. It could harm your child. If you are pregnant or plan on becoming pregnant, tell your doctor.


This medication can pass through to a newborn via breastfeeding. Do not give a child breast milk if you are on Etodolac.






Do not supply the regular pill to children under the age of 18. The capsule for extended release should not be given to anyone under 6 years of age.


Etodolac needs to be taken precisely as the doctor has prescribed to you. If this isn’t the case, follow the minimum dosage on the label provided.


Never take Etodolac in bigger doses than you have been told to. Do not take it past the date you have been told to stop.


If you are taking the extended release capsule, do not crush it, chew it or split it. Swallow the tablet whole for it to be effective.


Symptoms do not recede immediately. The effects can take up to a fortnight to materialize. During this time continue the regular dosage.


If you are in it for an extended period of time, your doctor is likely to give you regular check-ups.
Missed doses and overdose


If you miss an Etodolac dose, take it the moment you remember. If you are about to take the next dose, ignore the one you missed.


Never take an extra dose to make up for a missed dose. This can cause an overdose of Etodolac. If this happens, call your local poison hotline and emergency medical services immediately.


Side effects


Common side effects include:


four_dot_bullet_red Nausea
four_dot_bullet_red Vomiting
four_dot_bullet_red Indigestion
four_dot_bullet_red Gas
four_dot_bullet_red Diarrhea
four_dot_bullet_red Dizziness
four_dot_bullet_red Sore throat
four_dot_bullet_red Rash
four_dot_bullet_red Headache


More severe side effects include:


four_dot_bullet_red Allergies
four_dot_bullet_red Heart attack
four_dot_bullet_red Stroke
four_dot_bullet_red Vision changes
four_dot_bullet_red Severe rash
four_dot_bullet_red Exhaustion
four_dot_bullet_red Weakness
four_dot_bullet_red Rapid weight gain
four_dot_bullet_red Stomach bleeding
four_dot_bullet_red Liver and kidney problems
four_dot_bullet_red Anemia


Call your doctor immediately if you experience these side effects.




Do not take Etodolac with antidepressants or NSAIDS, and lithium, warfarin, diuretics as well as cyclosporine.


Do not drink alcohol, cold medication, painkillers and aspirin with Etodolac. Do not take it if you experience an allergic reaction.


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