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Elocon (Mometasone)

Generic Name: Mometasone topical (moe MET a sone)

Brand Names: Elocon



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Elocon is a topical agent that is a synthetic corticosteroid. Its main component is mometasone furoate.






Elocon is used to treat a wide variety of skin afflictions. It has been known to reduce the symptoms of psoriasis, allergies, eczema, and rashes. Elocon works by reducing the inflammation, itching, and swelling that are typically associated with dermatological disorders.


The inflammation of the skin occurs due to irritants that have come into contact with skin. The body’s natural defences, the immune system, responds by producing chemicals. These chemicals cause the dilating of the blood vessels in the skin. This causes the affected areas to swell and become itchy and inflamed. The corticosteroid in Elocon causes the cells to reduce or stop producing these products. This results in the reduction of the symptoms of the skin ailments. Elocon is usually prescribed when the skin problems have not responded to milder versions of the corticosteroids.


Contact your physician to discover if Elocon has other benefits for you.




It is important to always follow the prescription that has been provided to you by your doctor. You should not use Elocon in dosages that are smaller or larger than has been prescribed to you.


This medication is a topical agent and should be applied to the surface of the skin.


Elocon should be applied to the affected areas of the skin in a thin, even layer over the rash. This should be done once a day.


This medication can be discontinued once the desired results have been achieved.


In the event of unintended consumption of Elocon, contact your nearest local emergency medical services.


Side Effects


There may be some adverse effects experienced when using Elocon. Some of the side effects that you may experience are:


four_dot_bullet_red Burning sensation felt on the skin
four_dot_bullet_red Itching of the skin
four_dot_bullet_red Skin losing its thickness
four_dot_bullet_red Presence of unusual bruising
four_dot_bullet_red Dry skin
four_dot_bullet_red Irritation at the site of application
four_dot_bullet_red Scaling around the mouth region
four_dot_bullet_red Appearance of pimples
four_dot_bullet_red Skin becoming less elastic
four_dot_bullet_red Disappearance of natural skin markings
four_dot_bullet_red Raised portions of the skin on the face


In the event that you experience any of these adverse reactions, contact your physician immediately.




four_dot_bullet_red Inform your physician if you have become pregnant and have been prescribed Elocon. Do not begin breastfeeding your child before informing your doctor.


four_dot_bullet_red Do not use this medication if you have experienced an allergic reaction to one of the ingredients in Elocon.


four_dot_bullet_red Do not use this medication on children below the age of 2 years. There have been no studies conducted on individuals in this age group and the effects of Elocon are unknown.


four_dot_bullet_red Do not cover the area of the skin where Elocon has been applied. This may cause the body to absorb greater amounts of the medication.


four_dot_bullet_red Do not use this medication to relieve the symptoms of diaper rash.


four_dot_bullet_red Tell your doctor if you have been previously diagnosed with diabetes. The corticosteroids in Elocon may cause an elevated blood sugar level.


four_dot_bullet_red Inform your doctor of all the medications, both prescribed and over the counter, which you may be taking.


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