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Generic Name: Diane

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Diane is a prescription medication that’s designed to treat acne. It’s not meant to treat general acne though, meaning the type that can be easily treated by means of over the counter options. Also, it’s formulated for women who have had a hard time getting results using other types of antibiotics and treatment. The drug is comprised of two primary ingredients which would be cyproterone and ethinyl estradiol. Cyproterone is a part of a group of medications called antiandrogens. Ethinyl estradiol is a part of a group of drugs called estrogens.


Together these two medications are very powerful, but even with this being the case it doesn’t mean the drug would always work in every case. The effectiveness of this drug for the women who use it is going to vary. The reason why Diane is able to be effective is because it helps to regulate different hormones that could be causing the skin to have problems in the first place. These hormones can become unbalanced for a variety of reasons. The main thing though is to counteract this and get things back in balance.



What are some of the main side affects you might be at risk of as a result of using Diane?


four_dot_bullet_red Breast pain, tenderness, or swelling
four_dot_bullet_red Brown, blotchy spots on exposed skin
four_dot_bullet_red Dizziness
four_dot_bullet_red Headache
four_dot_bullet_red Increased or decreased interest in sexual intercourse
four_dot_bullet_red Nausea
four_dot_bullet_red Swelling of ankles and feet
four_dot_bullet_red Unusual tiredness or weakness
four_dot_bullet_red Vomiting
four_dot_bullet_red Weight gain or loss


Additional side affects you might be at risk of:


four_dot_bullet_red Changes in the uterine bleeding pattern during or between menstrual periods
four_dot_bullet_red Signs of depression
four_dot_bullet_red For women with diabetes: mild increase of blood sugar, faintness, nausea, pale skin, or sweating
four_dot_bullet_red Headaches or migraines
four_dot_bullet_red Increased blood pressure
four_dot_bullet_red Symptoms of liver problems
four_dot_bullet_red Vaginal infection with vaginal itching or irritation, or thick, white, or curd-like discharge
four_dot_bullet_red Vision changes
four_dot_bullet_red Abdominal or stomach pain
four_dot_bullet_red Signs of blood clots
four_dot_bullet_red Signs of heart attack
four_dot_bullet_red Signs of stroke
four_dot_bullet_red Shortness of breath
four_dot_bullet_red Swelling of the face, hands, feet, or airways


How do you know if the use of Diane would be right for you?


Diane is not to be used by women who suffer from only mild acne problems. Even if other treatments haven’t been working as expected, there’s still a chance that with constant treatment the problem will start to subside. Different, more severe acne problems in women require a stronger approach. This can only be found by using prescription medications.


In order to know if Diane is right for you though, first you need to understand why your acne problem isn’t responding the right way to other forms of treatment. In fact, this should be the main focus of your doctor. He/She will want to know what other treatments you’ve used in order to help the problem. In some cases, without knowing it, you might have been using something that’s causing the problem to get worse or at least not go away the way it should.


A doctor would also want to know if you’ve tried using other prescription medications and how well they’ve worked for you. The main thing a doctor would be trying to determine is whether or not Diane is really going to help you. If a doctor decides to give it to you then it’s likely they’ll want to test you on it first just to see how you respond. If you respond well, then you’ll be allowed to keep using it in order to get the maximum benefit it offers.


Diane is effective, but this doesn’t mean it’s the only treatment option out there for women who suffer from various forms of acne that haven’t been responding to other treatments. There are other options, but the goal isn’t to have to utilize all of them if any of them at all.


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