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Clarina is an herbal treatment for dermatological problems. Its main components are aloe vera, Prunus dulcis and Rubia cordifolia.




Clarina is used to treat dermatological conditions known as acne. Clarina helps to diminish the symptoms of acne vulgaris and acne rosacea. Clarina helps to manage the effects of acne as well as reduce the irritation that typically accompanies the ailment. It also has antibacterial properties which aids the topical agent in reducing occurrence of the acne. Clarina also helps to quicken the healing process of any lesions or scars that may have been caused by the acne.


The presence of aloe vera in Clarina helps to minimize infections due to its anti-microbial and antiseptic attributes. It also relieves any discomfort or itching that may be caused by the acne. The Prunus dulcis helps to smoothen the skin, improving the complexion and overall appearance of the skin. The Rubia cordifolia acts as a blood purifier that helps to get rid of the skin problems by working on the internal conditions of the body. It also helps to regulate uneven skin tones.


Contact a medical expert to discover if Clarina can be used to help with other skin problems as well.




Clarina should only be used in an amount that has been approved by a medical expert. Using Clarina in an amount that is greater or lesser than what has been instructed may result in certain problems.


Clarina is a topical treatment that should be applied onto the skin. Clarina should not be used inside the body, such as in mouth or ear.


You should first thoroughly clean the facial and neck areas before using Clarina. You can then apply Clarina to regions that have been affected by acne. This should be done twice a day until the inflammations or lesions have disappeared.


Clarina should not be placed in the eyes, ears, or mouth. If Clarina is found in these crevices, it should be washed out immediately. Confer with a medical expert if you begin to experience any unexpected reactions.


Side Effects


Clarina is an herbal remedy for different forms of acne. It contains only natural ingredients. Due to this, there have been no side effects reported during the testing of Clarina. The probability of developing any significantly adverse problems with Clarina is very low.


It is possible, however, to experience an allergic reaction to one or more of the components in Clarina. In the event that this happens, you should contact emergency medical services immediately.


If you are concerned about any hypersensitivity reactions, talk to a medical expert before using Clarina.




If you are pregnant or planning on breastfeeding your child, you should first speak with a medical expert. It is uncertain whether or not Clarina can be transferred from mother to child. Do not apply Clarina without first getting the necessary confirmation from your doctor.


It is important to not use Clarina if you are sensitive to at least one of the ingredients in the topical agent.
Do not apply Clarina if you have not gotten the approval of a medical professional in advance.


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