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Caverta (Sildenafil Citrate)


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Erectile dysfunction another name is impotence. The condition is highly noticeable in current years. Impotence is not a disease but some health conditions can contribute to ED. This can happened in age but is more common in older aged people. Caverta oral medicine successfully treats ED in men. These works by increasing naturally occurring nitric oxide which relax blood vessel of the penis leads to increased supply of blood to the genital area. There are lots of advantages of healthy sexual function, as it boosts the human system and also help in releasing anxiety. You don’t need to avoid as you are getting older.




Sildenafil citrate is an oral treatment for impotence. It is phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors. Favorable characteristics make the sildenafil citrate drug suitable for the first line therapy for ED. It treats impotence by increasing blood flow to the penis during sexual incitement.


Advantages of Caverta


People which suffer from impotence are hesitate to speak their problem to doctor. The greatest benefit of generic Levitra has been to act as an aid to the sexual health of such men who suffer from erectile dysfunction. With Caverta pill people can enjoy their sex lives with as much ease as they used to do it earlier, if not more. This pill has saved many a marriage and relationships.
The other benefit of this drug is that there are no fears of any pain or sexual infection because it is very safe and it can be popped up like any other pill.


Dosage pattern


Take one pill of Caverta tablets 60 minutes before planed sexual movement. Take only one tablet in a day. Don’t take more than prescribed dose otherwise produces severe side effects. It is best to take Caverta on empty stomach. It is suggested to consume less fatty meal before taking this pill. High fat substances absorb some medicine and reduce the efficacy of sildenafil.


Precautions of Caverta


Caverta pills are contraindicated in patient who takes blood thinners, nitrate medicines for angina pectoris, antihypertensive drug, alpha blockers medicines, and drugs used in the treatment on enlarge prostate. Combination of these products with ED cause fall in blood pressure. Your health care provider should know every drug you are taking with Caverta 100mg. Men should give up alcohol and smoking and get assist for mental illness. Children should not take this pill. This pill does not help to prevent sexually transmitted infection, it is best to practice with using condom.


Side effects of cheap Caverta


Problem in getting sleep, burning sensation during urination, allergic reactions, pain in chest, vertigo, and blurred vision. Inform your health care provider if you notice any unusual problem while taking this pill.


Storage of condition of sildenafil citrate pill


Keep this drug in its original blister pack as it comes. Store the pills at room where temperature does not more than 30 c. Discard the drug that is outdated.


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