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Biaxin (Clarithromycin)

Generic Name: Clarithromycin (kla RITH roe MYE sin)

Brand Names: Biaxin



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A macrolide antibiotic, Biaxin commonly known as clarithromycin is used for treatment of bacterial infections. Most common use of the drug is in the treatment of skin and respiratory infections.


However it is also used in treatment of stomach ulcers caused due to Helicobacter pylori together with some other medicines. This drug finds its use not only in the mentioned conditions but in other common treatments as well.


Patients of heart rhythm disorder, Long QT syndrome and jaundice or liver problems should avoid use of Biaxin. There are many other drugs which are known to interact with Biaxin therefore it is necessary to inform your doctor if you are taking any other medicine.




Before using Biaxin


Dosage of Biaxin should be taken for full prescribed period. Bacterial infection symptoms can improve without complete treatment; do not stop taking the drug. It can increase the risk of more adamant infection as it becomes more resistant to drug. Viral infections like common cold and flu are not treatable using this drug therefore avoid using Biaxin for these infections.


If you are allergic to drugs like azithromycin, telithromycin and erythromycin avoid using Biaxin.


Following drugs can dangerously interact with Biaxin:


four_dot_bullet_red Lovastatin/simvastatin
four_dot_bullet_red cisapride
four_dot_bullet_red ergotamine/dihydroergotamine
four_dot_bullet_red pimozide


Inform your doctor if you are taking any of these medicines.


Children younger than 6 months should not be given this medication.


How to take Biaxin?


Maintain exact dosage of the drug as prescribed by your doctor. Follow all the instructions as mentioned on the drug label. Do not manipulate the dosage of the drug on your own. Oral suspension or tablets of Biaxin can be taken with or without food. However the extended release formulation (Biaxin XL) should only be taken with food. The extended-release tablet should be consumed as a whole. Do not break or chew it.


What to do if you miss a dose or overdose?


When you remember about the missed dosage, take the dose immediately but avoid if it’s time for the next dosage. Never ever try to compensate by taking double dose. In case of severe overdose immediately call emergency helpline or your medical expert. Nausea, headache, diarrhoea and stomach pain are some common symptoms of overdose.


What to avoid while taking Biaxin?


If you suffer from diarrhoea on taking Biaxin stop the medication and seek medical consultation. Do not take any anti-diarrhoea medicine without your doctor’s recommendation.


Avoid medications that interact with Biaxin like saquinavir, colchicines, theophylline and carbamazepine.


Side Effects


Some of the common side effects of Biaxin are:


four_dot_bullet_red Nausea
four_dot_bullet_red Vomiting
four_dot_bullet_red Stomach pain
four_dot_bullet_red Headache
four_dot_bullet_red Skin rash


Immediately contact your doctor if you witness chest pain, severe dizziness or fast heartbeats.


There can also be problem with hearing in some patient. Kidney problems like little or no urinating; painful or difficult urination and swelling of feet or ankles are sign of severe side effects. Life threatening heart rhythm side effects are more prone in old patients. Therefore such patients should be extra careful while using Biaxin.


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