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Arava (Leflunomide)

Generic Name: Leflunomide (le FLOO noe mide)

Brand Names: Arava



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This medication is used to treat a condition known as rheumatoid arthritis. Arava is used amongst individuals with an overactive immune system. This medication is also referred to as Leflunomide amongst medical professionals.




How it works


The medication works by directly affecting the immune system of the individual. Rheumatoid arthritis increases the strength of your immune system to an abnormal level. This influences the cells to attack the joints. Arava works by reducing the effects of this overactive immune system. Moreover, it also works by reducing the level of swelling.


Its uses


The main use of this medication is its ability to treat rheumatoid arthritis. This medication can reduce joint pain, swelling and damage to a great extent and thereby facilitate easier and less painful movement. This decreased pain and increased movement and enables the individual to behave and move normally in his/her day-to-day life. This medication is also used to prevent the rejection of an organ transplant.




This medication can be taken with or without food, once a day on a daily basis. Your physician might increase the dosage with time depending on the severity of the condition and your response to the treatment. Do not attempt to increase the dosage on your own since this can easily result in overdose. If you wish to experience the full benefits of this medication, then you need to take it regularly. Take the dose at the same time every day since it will prevent you from accidentally missing it.


Do not increase the dose or change your schedule without consulting your physician first. This will not accelerate the effectiveness of the treatment but it will only increase the risk of side effects.


Side effects


The following are some side effects of this medication that you may or may not experience during this treatment procedure.


four_dot_bullet_red Pale skin
four_dot_bullet_red Body ache
four_dot_bullet_red Worsening cough
four_dot_bullet_red Upper stomach pain
four_dot_bullet_red Liver failure
four_dot_bullet_red Severe skin reaction
four_dot_bullet_red Numbness
four_dot_bullet_red Jaundice
four_dot_bullet_red Loss of appetite


Although you might not experience all these symptoms, it is best to keep an eye out for all of them. If you do experience any of the above, contact your physician immediately.




You can reduce the risk of the above side effects by adhering to the following precautionary methods.


four_dot_bullet_red Stay away from people with the flu or other contagious illnesses since you can easily get infected


four_dot_bullet_red Stop taking alcohol during the treatment procedure since it can reduce the effectiveness of the medication


four_dot_bullet_red Take regular blood pressure tests


four_dot_bullet_red If you miss a dose, do not double it the next time. Just follow your schedule normally


four_dot_bullet_red Check whether you are allergic to any of the ingredients used in this medication




If you become pregnant during this treatment procedure, inform your physician immediately. This medication can affect the health of your baby adversely. Although it is not known whether the medication can be passed on through breast milk, it is best to stay away from breastfeeding as well.


Remember that this medication will only work when taken with other medications for this condition. So, you must use all medications prescribed by your physician at all times.


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