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Amiloride (Midamor)

Generic Name: Amiloride (a MIL o ride)

Brand Names: Midamor



Where to buy Amiloride online?



Amiloride belongs to a drug group known as water pills which help reduce blood pressure levels by removing excess fluids and salts from the body. This is done by limiting the absorption of salts into the body.


The main advantage of Amiloride is that it helps prevent the drastic fall of potassium levels in the blood which is a common result of using water pills. This drug ensures that the kidneys don’t get too much potassium as well.






The dosage of this medication will depend on your health condition and individual characteristics. However, it is generally given to a patient once a day, at least 4 hours before bedtime.


Amiloride should be taken orally with or without food. Regularity is vital when taking this drug. Patients should take it even if they don’t feel any symptoms of high blood pressure. Consult with your doctor if you fail to see any improvement.




four_dot_bullet_red Individuals with kidney diseases should avoid taking this drug because it directly affects the function of the organ.


four_dot_bullet_red Those with high potassium levels should also prevent taking Amiloride to be safe. It isn’t advisable to couple this drug with other Potassium supplements and water pills that retain potassium in the body.


four_dot_bullet_red Those with a history of heart, liver, breathing and kidney disorders should inform their doctor if this drug is recommended. The way the drug is taken may differ depending on the individual so your dosage may need to be adjusted.


four_dot_bullet_red The drug doesn’t cause harm to unborn babies. However, it is always better to consult your doctor before taking the medication if you are pregnant. You should also ask your doctor about risks associated with breastfeeding if you are concerned.


Side effects


Allergic reaction such as hives, rashes, difficulty breathing and swelling of throat, lips and tongue might be evident in a very few number of individuals. Such cases should be reported to the ER immediately in order for necessary interventions to be made.


Increased thirst, inability to urinate, irregular heartbeat, trouble breathing, numbness and muscle pain are all side effects that are quite rare. However, if any of them occur, it would be advisable to stop the drug temporarily and see your doctor at once.


Most patients experience nausea, light headedness and loss of appetite when the drug is first introduced to them. However, these conditions usually disappear with time.


Dehydration is a rare yet possible side effect of almost all water pills. Therefore, look out for any signs of dehydration such as weakness, muscle cramps, extreme thirst and severe light headedness. Your dosage may need to be changed in order to prevent these conditions from showing up.


Keep in mind not to change the dosage of the medication that you are using according to your preference. Always consult a doctor and discuss the issues at hand before stopping the drug. Testing potassium levels and blood sugar levels should be done by any patient using Amiloride or any other water pill.


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