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Abana is a drug that is used to maintain a proper lipid profile by regulating the total lipid concentration in the body. It increases good cholesterol while decreasing bad cholesterol, overall cholesterol and other harmful lipids in the body.


This helps to keep the arteries of the circulatory system working efficiently without getting damaged by any cholesterol blocks. As a result, blood pressure levels are maintained at an optimum range. Therefore, Abana is not just used to treat high cholesterol levels, but also to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disorders such as strokes, heart attacks and angina.





The drug should be administered according the directions of the doctor. The dosage will depend on your age, medical condition and the way your body reacts to the drug. It is possible that the doctor will alter the dosage according to the results seen during the first few weeks. However, it’s important that you don’t change your own dosage without proper medical guidance.


Abana should be taken regularly for maximum results. It is best to couple the drug with a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise and a low fat diet.




It is important that you inform your doctor of any allergic conditions you may have for similar drugs before taking Abana. Those with a history of kidney and liver diseases should also be careful when taking the drug. Women who are trying to conceive, those who are pregnant and mothers who are still breastfeeding their infants should consult a doctor before taking the medication.


Certain other drugs may interact with Abana, therefore, it is much better to inform your doctor about your entire medical history including the drugs that you are currently using. This will help your doctor to ensure that you don’t face any negative outcomes from using the drug.


As part of the healthy lifestyle of patients taking drugs to reduce cholesterol levels, it is vital to limit or altogether stop alcohol consumption. Certain natural fruits such as grape fruit can also be harmful when using cholesterol drugs.


Side effects


Abana is considered as a relatively safer drug when compared with other cholesterol medication. However, you may feel a little discomfort during the first few days of using it. Dizziness, nausea, diarrhea, constipation, weakness and loss of appetite are common side effects that are seen in patients taking cholesterol medication. However, these are typically short-lived.


If you experience any of these side effects and if they continue to bother you even after you’ve been using the drug for a while, it is best to consult your doctor about it.


Other possible side effects of cholesterol drugs include muscle pain, muscle weakness, join pain and overall weakening of the body. There could also be issues related with digestion due to the sudden change of fat intake by your body. You should immediately inform your doctor if you come across signs of hives, rashes or any other form of skin irritation.


Even though the occurrence of these side effects are very unlikely, it will be better to make your doctor aware of any anxiety you feel when using the drug.


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