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Prednisone – Can It Be Utilized On A Consistent Basis Or Would This Be Problematic?

A medication such as Prednisone can be used in order to stop the release of certain substances in the body that can cause inflammation. A consequence to this is that it also suppresses the immune system. With this being the case potential users might want to know if the drug is good to use on a long term basis. Long term use of this treatment is generally not recommended. However in some cases a doctor might decide that it’s safe for you to continue with use for longer than what they might have originally intended.

Long term use of Prednisone can be risky after a few weeks of use because the body can become very used to it. When this happens this can lead to the body creating less of certain natural steroids. In order to stop use you must make sure you consult a doctor though, because if you suddenly stop then your body might not have enough time to make the adjustment. As a result this can lead to certain withdrawal symptoms you want to avoid.

The question becomes what happens after a doctor decides that your period of use with this drug should be stopped? Well first it would have to be determined that your condition has improved enough in order to stop use or that continued use wouldn’t be problematic for you. If your condition has improved enough to stop use, then another treatment can be used. In many cases nonprescription options can be used.

A doctor might decide it’s a good idea to give you non-steroidal treatments as well as anti-inflammatories like NSAIDSs to help you. If such treatments prove effective then you can use these for a sustained period of time.

Understand that everyone is going to be different as far as using this drug is concerned. Some people can use it for shorter periods of time while others can use it for longer periods of time. Longer term use typically means a person isn’t experiencing any side effects that become problematic to the point of making use not worth it anymore.

In order to know what your risk is a doctor will have to get an accurate look at your medical history, see if there are other medications you are using that could cause problems, etc. In the meantime the best thing a potential user can do is continue to educate themselves about this medication.

Ask questions to a medical professional who has a lot of experience prescribing it. If there are other options a doctor can give you that would work just as well and can be used longer term, then those options would be best. If shorter term use is needed and maximum effectiveness, Prednisone is best for that. In any case long term use is generally not recommended as it poses an increased risk to natural processes in the body that can take a while to rebalance themselves after use.

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