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What People Can Do In Order To Avoid Dependency Of Ativan For Their Anxiety Problems

ativanThe fear some people have with taking Ativan for their anxiety problems is they feel it will become addictive. The fear of becoming addictive is very real, because when people think about what it means to be addicted to any kind of prescription drug it brings up bad images.

You do not have to become dependent on Ativan though, as long as you know what you are doing you can use it short term and then discontinue use.

Not relying on it long term

You have to look at using Ativan the same way you would think of a kid using training wheels to learn how to ride a bike. The purpose of the drug is to slowly help you break free from anxiety problems. It is not meant for you to be dependent on it for the rest of your life. If you try to rely on it long term without getting any other type of help, your body will eventually stop responding to the drug as strongly as it once did.

Taking the drug slowly to start

If you want to avoid dependency problems regarding Ativan, then you need to be careful about how you start taking it. You want to start taking it slowly so you can monitor how it is going to react with your system. You also want to see if it is actually going to help you deal with your anxiety problems. Once you have seen that it does you can stick to a set dosage, or you can increase dosage if you are not getting enough help.

When to increase dosage of Ativan

In order to avoid dependency of this drug, you cannot just up the dosage without talking to a doctor first. If you up the dosage you never know what type of side effects you might be putting yourself at risk for. Only a doctor is going to be able to give you a dosage that works well for your body size and one that will not harm you.

Usage needs to be stopped slowly not suddenly

Dependency of Ativan is sometimes caused because someone tries to get off of it too quickly. Understand that in order to get off of a drug like Ativan you need to slowly let your system adjust to the smaller amounts. By slowly stopping your usage you will avoid possible withdrawal symptoms. You will also prevent a sudden reoccurrence of your anxiety problems.

Do not use with other anti-anxiety medications

Dependency of Ativan can begin or become worse if you try to combine it with another anti-anxiety drug. You never want to do this, because you have no idea how the drugs will interact with each other. Take Ativan alone, and be sure to avoid other medication that could cause problems.

With the right guidance and information you can easily avoid dependency on Ativan. You do not have to let one problem get solved only to be replaced by another one.

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