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Methods To Stop Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a common problem which has seen in age’s of all men. It is a sexual dysfunction where we are not having the ability to control penis during the sexual intercourse. It is a hydraulic effect where the blood enters and it is kept in sponges inside the penis. This process is started when the signals are transmitted from the brain to the penis nerves. More severe problems like cardiovascular and diabetes can affect the body and it can result in the damage of the organs in our body.

Effective methods to stop the erectile dysfunction:

Controlling the diet

A person needs to take more care to diet, which they take every day because some foods can make your health more damaged one. When we have bad food, then our ability for getting good erections will be lost in one way itself. Some eating patterns have proved that it can result in heart attacks due to blood restriction flow in the coronary arteries and the blood flow to the penis. A good blood flow is needed for getting the penis erected.  When we consume low vegetables and fewer fruits and we eat lots of fried foods which results in the decrease of blood circulation.

Develop Good Weight

When we are overweight, it can result in more health problems and sometimes we can have problems like type two diabetes which causes damage to our body. If the diabetes disease affects our nerves, then it can affect the supply to the penis which can cause the erectile dysfunction.

Reduce High cholesterol and High blood pressure

When we are having High cholesterol and High blood pressure it can damage the blood vessels which brings blood to the penis. It can result in erectile dysfunction. We need to consult with the doctor and make sure that our cholesterol levels and blood pressure are normal in our body. At some venues checking blood pressure and cholesterol are free of charge. The pressure monitors are also available in the market for home use. When we are having high blood pressure, then it is difficult to get a proper erection. Most of the arterial damages because of High blood pressure.

Avoid Drinking Alcohol

We haven’t got any  cases where the alcohol consumption results in erectile dysfunction, but heavy drinking can result in damage to liver and the nerves will get damaged and our balance of sex hormone levels will be lost and it results in erectile dysfunction. It is better to avoid having Alcohol in our lives.

Regular Exercise

When we are having a bad lifestyle, it results in erectile dysfunction. When we run or swim or doing any aerobic exercises will help to prevent the erectile dysfunction in our body. The exercise forms like giving more pressure to the perineum, which results in the block of blood flow to the penis and it can be affected badly due to more pressure in the area. There are reports that when we ride on the bicycle itself, we can have erectile dysfunction. Most of the men spend  more time for riding and give more weights to wear padded pants and often we use pedaling.

Maintain the Testosterone Levels

We can see that in most healthy men the testosterone levels are falling badly after the age group of 50. Each year when they reach the age of 40, the testosterone levels fall to 1.3 percentages.  The main causes are due to low sex drive or stamina  loss and making decision in trouble manner can result in improper erections. The testosterone deficiency can be affected which results in the erectile dysfunction.

Stop Smoking

When we smoke cigarettes it can harm the blood vessels and it results in the problem of blood flow to the penis. The nicotine helps to contract the blood vessels which results in the flow of blood to the penis.

Avoid risky sex

Injuries can occur when we have immediate sex without proper time. We need to take our own time for getting the positions correct and helps to avoid erection problems. For some people, it will unsuitable and you need to consult it with your doctor for what we plan to do in the bed.

Relationship Problems

When we have the erectile dysfunction problem  and if we are getting treated for it, we need to make the relationship in a smooth manner. Some couples will be having the difficulties of communicating the sexual matter and other issues deeply about sex. If we are talking about our feelings and anxieties and it is a crucial one and your partner needs to understand the feelings properly. If we are having problems with our mind, your partner will also be affected by this and you need to talk deeply about the matter and we don’t have anything to lose in life. At certain times, we need to share the broader issues which we face in our life and it helps to improve our relationship mood.

Avoid Stress

The stress affects our body and it boost hormone adrenaline and it makes the blood vessels contract and it is not good for erection. If a man needs to avoid tension, the best method is to have a high sexual life with the partner throughout your life.

Don’t use Anabolic Steroids

Most of the bodybuilders and athletes use  these drugs and it can shrink the testicles and the ability for making testosterone levels will be lost. Many of them use  continuously which affects their healthy life.

Avoid Kegel Exercise

The Kegel exercises are not helpful one which makes the muscles contract in the pelvis and this exercise is helpful for the people who are suffering from the problems like incontinence.

Gum Disease

Many of the scientists have proved that the gum disease results in cardiovascular disease and it can result in an increase of erectile dysfunction.  The bacteria from the affected gums go into the bloodstream, which causes the inflammation in the arteries in the penis and it can result in problems of erectile dysfunction.

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