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How Manageable Does A Medication Like Valtrex Make Symptoms Of The Herpes Virus?

When a person has a condition like herpes as well as other viral infections, then using a treatment such as Valtrex is going to be a good way to ensure the symptoms are properly controlled. There is no cure for herpes or other viral conditions similar to it. However, by proper controlling the symptoms a person can live a normal life without having these conditions interfere too much. The real question is just how affective is it to use a treatment like Valtrex to manage the symptoms of the herpes virus?

Answering this question can be tricky, because not everyone is going to have the same degree of problem. Some outbreaks can be tougher than others. For the most part in order for a doctor to feel good about how a person will respond to treatment they have to know certain information first. This might include the following:

How long have you had the virus before you had it officially diagnosed?

This is important because in some cases a stronger version of an antiviral medication might be needed. Being able to catch certain conditions in the early stages is always the best way to increase the chances of controlling symptoms properly. You should have an idea of how long you’ve had the virus and if at a certain point other measures will need to be taken in order to ensure symptoms are properly controlled.

Have you used Valtrex before and for some reason had to use something else?

This can happen when at some point a doctor decides that Valtrex is not working for you the way it needs to. However this doesn’t mean its use has to be ruled out as an option. This is why it’s going to be so important for a person who has the herpes virus to have frequent and consistent access to a doctor. By checking up on how they respond to these types of treatments they won’t be taken off too soon in favor of something else.

Did the side effects you might have experienced from using Valtrex become too problematic?

If you simply suffered from minor side effects, then this would not be a reason to take you off Valtrex. It also wouldn’t be a reason to not give you the antiviral medication to begin with (assuming you’ve been properly access and the risk of experiencing serious side effects is not higher than what it should be). The symptoms of herpes can be severe and sometimes a tradeoff might be required.

Using an antiviral medication such as Valtrex is never comfortable to think about or talk about. However, if it’s used properly and under the care of a doctor, then there’s no reason why it shouldn’t work as well as it needs to in order to control the symptoms of herpes. If the symptoms do persist or become severe, then a person will need to be evaluated in order to determine what’s going wrong and or what can be done in order to help a person’s symptoms.

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