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Levitra – Is It Safe To Take More Levitra Than Prescribed To You?

We all that cases of erectile dysfunction aren’t created equal. There are going to be some men who have it to a very strong degree and then there will be those that have it on a situational basis. You also have men who for them there problem is more mental than physical. We can take a short time to explore each of these cases and why it’s so important when thinking about taking more of an ED medication like Levitra than what’s prescribed to you.

Men who have ED to a high degree struggle to get an erection even when they’re really sexually excited. These are men who even when their partner is doing all the right things and they feel the right way the man just can’t manage to find a way to get it up and or keep it up. For this type of man nothing but an ED medication such as Levitra would do. Now when it comes to taking more, this is going to depend on just how severe the problem is.

If the case is already severe, then a doctor should’ve prescribed the needed dosage to begin with. If after taking what would be a stronger starting dosage a man found that it still wasn’t working as well, then it would be best for them to consult with a doctor in order to see about getting a higher dosage. Before they did this though they might want to consider thinking about whether it was something they were doing that was making the strong dose they already had not work so well. Some of these things might include being a heavy drinker, smoking or eating foods that are very greasy.

The second type of guy, the guy who has ED situationally probably wouldn’t want to test his luck by using more Levitra than prescribed either. The reason is for the man who suffers from ED from time to time, he still has a degree of control over his problem. If he starts to take too much of this medication he can end up causing himself to develop a more serious problem than what he had before. He might even convince himself that he needs the drug more than he really does when this isn’t the case.

The last type of ED sufferer, the guy who for him it’s more mental than physical, certainly would not want to take more Levitra than prescribed to them. This type of man needs to focus more on getting treatment via therapy. Levitra can be used, but if the problem is more mental than physical than this type of man has the best chance to overcome his problem without having to rely on ED medications like Levitra long term. Upping the dosage, especially without talking to a doctor first only increases the risk of dependency and heightens the chances of a man experiencing unwanted side effects.

No matter what, men should also stick to the dosage levels prescribed to them by a doctor for Levitra. It is the best way to ensure they stay safe and healthy.

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