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Justifying The Cost Of Using Propecia For Hair Loss Versus The Risk

Here’s a question for you. If you could have a billion dollars in exchange for losing a limb would you do it? Maybe the answer to this question would depend on what limb you would lose. Would it be a leg, an arm or maybe a foot? If it were a leg you probably don’t do it right? What about a foot? Now what if the question were different? What if you were a man that was losing his hair and you desperately wanted to do something in order to grow it back? What would you be willing to give up or risk? Would you be willing to spend a lot of money? Would you be willing to give up alcohol? What about the chance of having your sex drive take a massive dip?

Wait a minute. Sex drive taking a massive dip. Now this is one that men have to think about. For countless men who decide to use the drug propecia this is a serious potential risk they face. If you knew that you could grow your hair back and get back the confidence that comes with it, then is it worth the risk in this regard? Well so much of this is going to come down to how much power you put into having hair in the first place. For some men their hair is a part of their identity. When they have a good hair day they have a good day in general. Such men spend more time on their hair than anything else as far as morning routine goes.

What about men who have jobs where having hair is important in terms of perception? For these men a drug like propecia would be an investment and the risks that come with it might be more than worth it. Here’s the thing. There’s been a lot said lately about propecia causing men to lose their sex drives. There’s been a lot said about men struggling to get it up for sex and this having a tremendous mental effect on them. Is this true or is there something else going in? In most cases a man need to only make a few changes in order to minimize the risk of experiencing a dip in sex drive from using propecia.

First, men who already suffer from some form of ED shouldn’t use propecia. Second, certain activities such as heavy drinking, drug use and eating foods high in saturated fats/salts and sugars need to be minimized. Next, foods that are known to promote healthy blood flow and increase libido should be added to a man’s diet when they use propecia to counteract this risk. The goal has to be to working to have a healthy sex drive in the first place and not doing anything that’s going to increase your risk of problems.

Having a healthy head of hair for a lot of men is very important, but so is having a healthy sex life. In order to ensure this drug doesn’t interfere with this it’s going to require sacrifice.

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