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Is Generic Ambien Really As Good As The Real Thing Is?

ambien-generic2The fear most people have about taking generic Ambien is that it might not be as good as the real thing is. Too many people think of generic drugs the same way they think of generic food or consumer products.

They think that because the generic versions of those drugs are usually not good, generic drugs like Ambien must fall into the same category. This is not the case, and there are very specific reasons for this. Hopefully after reading these short paragraphs you will understand.

What the FDA has to say

Did you know that the FDA has signed off on generic drugs as being just as good? The FDA says that generic drugs are fully interchangeable. In a quote by Gary Buehler, the director of the FDAs Office of Generic Drugs it was said that “Most people believe that if something costs more it has to be better quality. In the case of generic drugs, this is not true. People can use them with total confidence.”

So if you were questioning whether or not you are getting something of quality, hopefully this cleared that up.

Another reason why generic Ambien is just as good as the real thing

The FDA requires all generic drugs to have the same quality, effectiveness, strength, safety, bioequivalence, purity, solubility and stability as brand name drugs would. The drugs also have to be manufactured in plants that meet very rigid standards. Here is one last tidbit to help those who are on the fence about using generic Ambien or any type of generic drug. It has been documented that more than half of all generic drugs of any kind are manufactured by brand name firms.

Regular testing to ensure safety and quality

The FDA Regularly tests generic drugs like generic Ambien and other types in order to make sure they are safe. The sad part about this though is even though the information speaks for itself there are still a lot of people who feel like generic Ambien and other generic drugs are inferior to the name brand versions. These people will insist on buying the name brand version, and they will spend an arm and a leg in the process.

The only true difference

The only difference in generic drugs like Ambien or any type of drug would apply when the drug is labeled therapeutically similar. You see, what this means is the chemical composition in the drug for its active ingredient is different. With generic equivalents the active chemical ingredient is the same. The same effect is supposed to be had, but some people will have different reactions because of the change in chemical composition.
In order to avoid this when taking generic Ambien make sure it is the generic equivalent and not a therapeutic equivalent. If you do not you may end up using a version that might give you different effects then the other would. In some cases this might include increased risks for side effects.

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