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How Should You Use Zolpidem For Short Term Use?

Zolpidem is an effective medication that will help you get over the sleepless night you are having. The one thing you cannot do is look to it as a long term solution. Short term use is the best way to use the drug and be safe.

Using Zolpidem for short term insomnia

In order to use Zolpidem for short term insomnia you must first know what it is. Short term insomnia is a brief period you go through where you are unable to sleep. In most cases it can be brought on by problems you are having in your life at the moment or a minor medical problem.

Using Zolpidem in this case is a good way to help you to get the sleep you need. During this time you will be able to work on your sleeping habits and put into practice methods that will help you avoid chronic insomnia. You want to make it a goal to be off of the medication after about a month.

Keeping yourself safe

As of this moment there are not known to be any serious safety risks with using Zolpidem long term. Zolpidem is generally prescribed for short term use, but there are some physicians that will prescribe it for longer. The only real concern is becoming addicted or not being able to quit the drug when you are ready.

When you are ready to quit

If you think you might need to use Zolpidem long term than be prepared for the following possible side effects. You may experience daytime sleepiness, headaches, and even strange nocturnal behaviors. It is going to be important for you to weight the risk versus the benefits if you decide to go the long term route.

While you are using it short term

The important thing to remember if you take Zolpidem short term would be that you need to look into other methods of treatment. You might benefit from cognitive therapy and an assortment of lifestyle changes. You may want to set a time to go to sleep and wake up every day without fail in order to establish better sleeping hygiene.

You may want to cut out sugary foods and caffeinated drinks before going to bed. You may want to create an environment that will help you to sleep more comfortable and eliminate all distractions. These simple changes will help you sleep better and will ensure you do not become over dependent on Zolpidem.

You also want to be sure you are talking with a doctor in regards to how well the medication is working for you. You might need dose adjustments, instructions for special circumstances such as taking other medications, and help dealing with minor side effects.

Zolpidem and other sleeping medications are effective only when the person using them does not abuse them. Short term use of the drug is the best way to ensure you do not become dependent or mask serious underlying problems.

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