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Generic Ativan vs. Brand

ativan-pillsPeople across the United States are aware that generic forms of medications are less expensive. If you are looking to use Ativan, the generic version might seem like a risk to you because you do not know how it differs from the real thing.

Most people might think that a generic drug only contains active ingredients as their brand name counterparts. It takes more than just having similar active ingredients for the generic version to be considered just as good.

Ativan has been around for quite some time, 1977. The company that manufactured the medication only had the patent for a short period of time. Understand this point; patents for all medications are not permanent. If one company was able to have a long term patent on a medication they would be able to control the market for that medication and they could charge exorbitant prices.

But because patent eventually expire, other manufacturers, manufacturers that deliver the same high quality as the original maker, can start producing generics. They are only called generics because they cannot be called by the original name that most people might associate the drug with.

Generic Ativan quality control

Generic Ativan is similar to its brand name version because in order for it to be sold in the United States it must go through a rigorous approval process by the FDA. Similar rules are in place in countries all over the world that have tough prescription medication laws.

The following criteria must be met on average in order for generic Ativan or any generic medication to be approved and deemed as good as the original.

four_dot_bullet_red The drug must be 100% biochemically equal to the name brand version.

four_dot_bullet_red The medication must have the same safety profile as the original

four_dot_bullet_red The drug must come in equal dosage amounts as the original version

four_dot_bullet_red The drug must have a similar administration method as the brand name version

When all of these specifics are met, the generic version is approved and you never have to worry about getting an inferior product. I would say the only real difference lies in the price. It is the equivalent of paying five dollars for a name brand version of frosted flakes because it has a fancy box and a recognizable name versus the generic box that only cost two dollars, but does not comes in a fancy box and is unknown.

Brand name companies usually have to advertise their products you. The drug industry is ultra competitive, and commercials are extremely expensive. Who do you think the cost gets passed to?

You would be shocked at the money you can save by using the generic version of Ativan. If you must rely on a pharmacist do not be afraid to ask them about the generic. Be warned in advance that not all pharmacies will carry the generic version. This could be for several reasons. One might be that they do not have the space, but most likely it is because they cannot make enough money offering it.

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