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Generic Ambien vs. Brand

Some people believe that taking generic Ambien over brand name Ambien is going to lessen the effectiveness of the drug. I am here to tell you this is not the case. In order for you to understand, you need to know if there is any noticeable difference between the two.

Jumpiness and over excited

When some people switch to generic Ambien over brand name Ambien they sometimes complain about problems with jumpiness and feelings of being over excited. People will usually experience such problems the next day after taking the generic version.

Some people have the reverse problem, meaning they will struggle with their attention span throughout the day. This is a problem that will be experienced possibly if you take the generic form or the brand name form.


Not as effective some people say

Searching around on several user forums I was able to learn how some people felt about generic Ambien over the brand name version. In a few cases some people complained that the generic version was simply not as effective.

Some of the reasons they came to this conclusion was because they said the generic version made them take longer to fall asleep. People also complained that the generic version of Ambien caused them harsher side effects.

What it caused in some users

You must understand that these differences are all based on individual experiences, and do not reflect how you might feel. In some cases, people who took generic Ambien over brand name Ambien complained that it made them feel hungrier then usual.

Other people said it made them feel dizzy, which made them have to sit. Some people said it made them feel more tired then the brand name version ever did. However, there could be many reasons for this.

Problems waking up

If you take generic Ambien over the brand name version, then you might experience problems waking up as some people did with the drug. A lot of people who took the generic version said that once they were out, they were out. Some people would see this as a good thing while others will see it as a problem.

If you feel like oversleeping would be a problem in your everyday schedule simple changes can be made such as having someone wake you up. You can also consider getting an alarm clock to assist you in getting up.

Understand that these differences vary on a case-by-case basis. If you use generic Ambien over the real thing there is no reason to feel like you will be any more at risk for side effects or problems then you would if you took the real thing. Most of these problems come because of people not seeing a doctor first.

The fact of the matter is some people experienced differences when they switched to generic Ambien over name brand Ambien. You must remember though, that any problems experiences usually come because of imbalances in dosage. No generic drug can be made without having the same active ingredients.

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