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Frequent Concerns Ativan Takers Or Potential Takers Might Be Currently Having

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It does not matter if you are a current Ativan taker or if you are a potential Ativan taker. There are numerous concerns you might be currently having that you did not have it first. In any sense, your ability to have these concerns properly addressed will help you feel better about taking the drug or your feelings while currently on the drug. Following are a few frequent concerns that should help you clear up your worries.

Is there ever a time where physicians may use Ativan outside its approved indications?

Ativan is only meant to treat anxiety conditions short-term and generally it will not be recommended for anything but that. However, physicians may decide that using it outside of its approved indications may actually be beneficial in certain instances. Ativan may sometimes be used to treat posttraumatic stress disorder, agitation and acute mania and psychosis, acute alcohol withdrawal, and other conditions.

What should I do if I ever miss a dose of Ativan?

You will not always be able to take Ativan at exactly the time you are supposed to. Do not panic if you miss a dose, all you need to do is take it as soon as possible. The only thing to remember is if it is close to the next scheduled dose then it may be a better idea to skip the missed dose and continue on your regular dosing schedule. Never under any circumstances do you want to take double doses.

Is it all right to store Ativan in any fashion I would like?

Some people get into the habit of improperly storing certain prescription medications and this is the wrong thing to do. Ativan should always be stored in its original labeled, light resistant container. You want to make sure you keep the medication away from extreme heat and moisture. The reason why is because heat and moisture may precipitate breakdown of the medication, which will make it ineffective and potentially dangerous to take.

What should you do if you suspect you have overdosed?

There may come a time where you feel like you have overdosed on Ativan. The conditions you experience may not be severe, but you definitely should not take any chances. The best action to take would be to go to an emergency department for observation and immediate treatment.

It would also be a good idea to bring the prescription bottle of medication along with you as well. The information included on the bottle will prove very helpful to medical staff in regards to treating you and determining the amount of pills you may have ingested.

You should never seek to take Ativan for anything else besides severe anxiety problems. Only in special circumstances should you seek it for the conditions I mentioned previously. Also, you may not ever do anything to purposely overdose, but engaging in harmful activities such as double dosing if you should accidentally miss a dose can prove very dangerous.

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