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Flawless Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction with Aurogra

Aurogra is an erectile dysfunction treatment that contains Sildenafil Citrate as an active component. The generic form of traditional Viagra helps to eliminate the signs of impotence and provide male patients with an opportunity to achieve a hard erection and keep it for over 4 hours. The active ingredient of the remedy stimulates better blood circulation to the penile area and boosts the relaxation of muscles in that area triggering the necessary processes. Despite the effectiveness and complete safety of the remedy, the results of Aurogra action may become noticeable only after natural sexual stimulation.

Quality Aurogra is approved for the treatment of impotence in men, who are over 18 years old. Additionally, the remedy may be taken for the elimination of other health abnormalities, not listed in the safety guide.

Safety Directions for the Use of Aurogra

Talk to your doctor before you start using Aurogra to enhance your sexual strength. Administer Aurogra strictly in accordance with safety directions. The drug should not be taken daily, as it may trigger unwanted impacts on heart functioning, blood pressure level, and other essential body processes. Inform your medical specialist about all the health complications and disorders you have, as individual dose recommendations will be based on the information you provide. Start with the smallest dose effective for the treatment of your ED symptoms. Increase it if the current dose does not promote the necessary results.

Aurogra tablets may be administered with or without food. Drink a lot of water during the treatment course to avoid dehydration. Take one Aurogra pill around 45-60 minutes before the presumable intercourse. The drug starts working right after natural stimulation occurs.

Before You Use Aurogra for ED Treatment

Although the medication is ultimately effective for the treatment of impotence, it may trigger devastating health complications and life-threatening health impacts if misused or overused. Do not take Aurogra unless you talk to your medical specialist.

Provide the doctor with a complete list of health problems you have, especially:

  • Retinitis pigmentosa;
  • Kidney or liver disorders;
  • Heart attack, coronary artery disease;
  • Hypertension;
  • Increased level of cholesterol and others.

Women and children should not interact with Aurogra as its components may cause harmful reactions on these groups of people. This male drug is no approved for patients, who are hypersensitive to Sildenafil.

Possible Reactions and Health Disorders

Aurogra is a drug that affects not only the blood flow and muscle contractions in the body, but a plethora of other important functions. It is inevitable to avoid the misuse or overuse of this ED remedy. Sildenafil may interact with some prescription and non-prescription drugs.

Seek emergency medical help if you have got allergic reactions or severe skin disorders caused by the use of Aurogra. Lightheadedness, abnormal heartbeat, breathing disorders, convulsions, priapism, vision disorders, and similar health problems are the first signs to stop the use of the drug and contact the doctor.

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