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Doctors Hesitant to Prescribe Xanax Because Of History Of Overuse And Addiction

Certain medications are hard to get because they are name brand drugs on the street. Even people who don’t know a whole lot about prescription drugs know about Vicodin, Ambien and Oxycodone. When a patient comes in to see a doctor about a condition that one of these drugs will actually help, they’ll be asked a plethora of questions. Any hint that a patient wanted a particular known drug with a history of abuse and a doctor will shy away from prescribing it.

Xanax is a drug that comes with this issue. It’s made to help people who suffer from serious anxiety and related conditions. However it can be next to impossible to get. Doctors don’t like to give it out because there are people who just can’t control their intake of it. Yes, there are people who abuse it, get over dependent on it or who even sell it/give it to other people when they shouldn’t. However, the people who would benefit the most from drugs like Xanax in order to escape the everyday hell they live in mentally are being punished.

Patients who have a doctor they’ve gone to for a long time even find out that a doctor is not likely to prescribe them Xanax if they need it. So what is the solution most of the time? This patient will have to turn to other avenues in order to get what they need or find an alternative that would work as well. The real solution to this problem would be for doctors to start understanding that not everyone they prescribe Xanax to has bad intentions for it.

Doctors need to take measures to control how much a patient uses, check with them regularly and monitor their improvement. Ask questions in order to understand why a patient believes a certain medication such as Xanax would work well for them. Be willing to trust that a patient really wants the help and because Xanax is a drug that’s so well known, people just feel better about using it. It’s not because the goal is to abuse it or let others have access to it.

Addiction problems happen with this drug only when a person doesn’t take other measures to get help for their anxiety problems. Other treatments not related to medication can be the other half of the coin as far as getting a person the help they truly need.

One main roadblock is the fact that insurance usually won’t cover other forms of non medicational treatment. Say a person with serious anxiety problems would benefit from therapy. Insurance typically won’t cover it or won’t cover it past a few sessions. Such help might lead to serious psychological breakthroughs, which of course would lead to needing Xanax less.

Plus, doctors knowing that patients could get these other forms of treatment or even requiring it would help to minimize instances of abuse or overuse. Resistance to prescribe Xanax could be reduced as a result.

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