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Crestor vs. Zocor

crestor-vs-zocorOne of the main things about having bad cholesterol is that very rarely are people willing to do what needs to be done in order to lower it naturally. People get high cholesterol because they have bad dietary habits in most cases. It can be very tough to give that up. Drugs such as Crestor and Zocor are designed to help a person get their cholesterol to where it needs to be, but do both of them work the same though?

Both work the same, but this doesn’t mean they both come with the same ease of use. You have to ask yourself which one of these is going to be tough to take on a consistent basis. What we mean by this is whether or not one of them just comes with a serious negative that makes it tough to consistently use it. Zocor is one of those medications you can take with relative ease, but for some reason it’s going to interact badly with certain type of juice you might drink.

Take Grapefruit juice for example. The drug has been known to interact badly with it. It’s safe to safe that if it interacts badly with Grapefruit juice, than what other healthy foods might it interact badly with. Cresto on the other hand doesn’t seem to offer the same problem. In fact it seems to be a little bit more effective at what it does overall than Zocor. This was proven in one study. The problem is you can’t count on a single study, because you never know if it is biased or not.

So which one should you take? Which one is actually better? You have to go with the one that’s going to require you to make the least lifestyle changes. This is what’s going to increase the chance of consistent use. This is the reason why so many people struggle to be successful on diets to lower cholesterol. Diets require a person to change habits they’ve had for a long time and this is just tough. They always revert back to their old ways. Zocor seems like it’s one of those drugs that comes with dietary restrictions.

Some people will have no problem keeping in line with those dietary restrictions while others will struggle. It’s because of this we would probably say Crestor is the better option here. It doesn’t have nearly as many dietary restrictions and doesn’t really require a person to make serious lifestyle changes except the bare minimum. Plus, you don’t really seem to lose anything by taking one of these over the other. It’s not like Crestor is inferior to Zocor. Both were tested and shown to work just as well as the other.

The trouble you might run into is going to be the doctor who prefers to prescribe one over the other. If this is the case, then you’ll have a hard time getting the alternative. Just know that both of these are good cholesterol fighting drugs, and taking either of them is going to help you greatly as long as their used the right way.

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