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Codeine vs Tramadol

Do you suffer from a condition that causes you to be in a serious amount of pain? Do you know what to do in order to deal with the condition? Well taking a painkiller isn’t a cure, but sometimes it can be just what you need in order to get throught the day. Medications such as Tramadol or Codeine aren’t used in mild cases of pain. Usually these are used when someone has a condition that causes debilitating pain. We’re talking about the type of pain that makes it hard to do little things or even get throught the day.


Now Tramadol and Codeine are two of the main medications used in a lot of cases, but they certainly aren’t the same. Here’s a brief rundown of each drugs main purpose:


Tramadol is a part of a class of medications called opiate agonists. It works by altering the way the body feels pain. There are some people who think Tramadol is a NSAID, but this would be wrong.


Codeine is an opioid based pain killer. In some instances in opioid is referred to as a narcotic. It’s for this reason why in some places around the world it’s illegal to have anything that contains this substance. Codeine is used to treat mild to severe pain, but it can also be used for other purposes.

Which one is the better option?

Knowing which one of these is the better option is tough, because so much of this is going to depend on not only how much pain you might be in, but how many other painkillers you might have tried in the past. The reason this is the case is because if you’ve used other painkillers your body might have developed more of a tolerance, which means you’ll have to take more of either of these in order for them to have an effect.

Also, you have to consider the way each of these works. One works to minimize pain while the other works to virtually eliminate it. The later being Codeine. Both of them are costly medications to have, but they work pretty well.

Which one comes with the least side effects?

Tramadol and Codeine are both painkillers that come with the possibility of side effects if they are used the wrong way. This is why you have to make sure you use them correctly in order to minimize this. The best way this can be done is as follows:

four_dot_bullet_red Make sure you don’t mix them with any other medications.

four_dot_bullet_red Don’t use either of these in a recreational fashion otherwise you risk becoming addicted.

four_dot_bullet_red Make sure you don’t take too much or too little, but exactly as much as the doctor tell you to.

four_dot_bullet_red Be sure to keep the medications in a safe place and keep them stored the way they are supposed to in order to ensure effectiveness.

four_dot_bullet_red Make sure you don’t take the medications for too long a sustained period of time, as to decrease the chances of developing tolerance.

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