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Celexa vs Lexapro

Depression is something that most people experience in their lives, but it usually comes and goes. For some people though, depression can be caused due to chemical imbalances in the brain. If this is the case then a person is going to struggle with depression and it’s going to have a serious impact on their lives. Yes, treatment such as therapy can work well in order to help some cases, but for most the main option will be anti-depressant medications. Two of the most popular options out there would be Celexa and Lexapro.

Both of these are SSRI based medications which means “selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors”. They’re supposed to work biologically to correct different chemical imbalances that are thought to cause chronic depression. For those who are thinking about using Celexa or Lexapro the question becomes is one better than the other. We can examine this a few ways.

In order for one to be better than the other it has to do something that the other doesn’t and the effect has to be greater

Both Celexa and Lexapro work the same way as previously mentioned, but unless one offers something that the other doesn’t, then they’re both the same for the most part. At least in terms of how effective they are. Lexapro does come with one element that the other doesn’t and that’s its ability to help treat anxiety. The degree in which it can help treat anxiety is going to vary of course and a lot will come down to just how severe a person’s anxiety was.

There’s also a chance that the effectiveness of Celexa and Lexapro will depend on what form a person takes it in. Both of these come in the form of an oral tablet or an oral solution. A person taking either of these medications may find that they respond different to one or the other, but of course the only way to know this would be to sample both and make sure you kept track of how you felt so you could report things to a doctor.

Should a person respond better to one of these in a certain formulation, then a doctor might decide to keep them on that form and continue to monitor their progress. Don’t confuse this though. The fact that a person might respond better to one of these in a certain formulation doesn’t mean that one is better than the other.

We also have to look at whether or not a person has used anti-depressant medications in the past and how successful they were

Celexa and Lexapro may have a different effect on a person with depression problems when they first start using it versus if it’s one of many options they’ve already tried in the past. For instance if a person has tried out several SSRI based medications in the past and had little success, then they may struggle to get much out of either of these because they would’ve built up a tolerance to a certain degree.

If a person has had success with these types of medications in the past, then chances are they’ll respond better to either Lexapro or Celexa. Plus, so much depends on just how serious a person’s chemical imbalance is. If the problem isn’t severe, then either one of these will work well, keeping in mind proper dosage and taking schedules.

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